Travel Resorts Of America : Attention RV Owners: Avoid Travel Resorts of America!

Travel Resorts Of America Video

Travel Resorts Of America

Attention RV Owners: Avoid Travel Resorts of America!

Attention RV Owners: Avoid Travel Resorts of America!

On Saturday, August 10, 2018 we visited Gettysburg Battlefield Resort in response to a free gift and complimentary lunch located at 1960 Emmitsburg Rd, Gettysburg, PA 17325.

Unfortunately, Travel Resorts of America, Inc. may very well be the best example of extremely high pressure sales. To any unsuspecting visitor, you will be inundated with a cut throat attempt to swindle between ,000.00 to ,000.00 for any number of custom and dizzying nonsense packages for RV and Coast-to-Coast opportunities to stay at “affiliated” campgrounds across the U.S. There are also packages available for international stays at “discounted” weekly rates…

The most frustrating part about this tactic is the limited time offer, available only during the time of visit. Avoid this resort at all costs, unless you feel like wasting your time and money!

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  1. We didn't say no, we are excited to start our adventures. We can go to Gettysburg, Bass Lake and Wally World as much as we want. Plus we get 3 weeks in a condo each year. We said 12,000 was out of our range and they put a package together that works for us. This guy is a whack job. We did the same exact tour,, we knew we were going to listen to a sales pitch BEFORE we got there. We got 3 weeks of camping to use over the next year at any of the 8 home resorts just for listening.

  2. Same thing here. The longer I said no, the lower the price came down. High pressure! Wish I didn't buy this. Gettysburg is not a nice place. Old, with no amenities. Small and spaces are way too close. Not going back. We did try Bass Lake last year and it was much better!   Unless you want to drive all over the US, there are only two places for us to visit that's not too far for a quick vacation.

  3. Sorry dude but you are extremely paranoid and when do they do background checks you need to get a health check a mental health check paranoid schizophrenic

  4. Sounds to me he is suffering from conspiracy theory syndrome. We signed up at the Luna Sands resort and have been to several of Travel Resort of America campground resorts and experienced none of what he "experienced"…wife held hostage, helicopter reconnaissance…maybe just maybe they didn't want to spend the money. Keep on rollin boyo!

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