Travel Plus Verizon : How to Use Your Verizon iPhone for FREE Overseas!

Travel Plus Verizon Video

Travel Plus Verizon

How to Use Your Verizon iPhone for FREE Overseas!

How to Use Your Verizon iPhone for FREE Overseas!

Everyone hates paying those big fees for using your iPhone overseas. I finally got tired of it and figured out how to use my domestic phone number to make and receive calls and text messages for free while traveling abroad.

This all started in March when I went to Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam, I brought two iPhones, paid the international monthly package rate for my domestic number and bought a sim card for the other for daily use. I kept my domestic phone off and just checked it once a day to see if I received any calls or messages. This was very inconvenient, not only carrying two iPhones, but also setting up the extra phone with all my apps before my trip.

I was determined to find a better way before my trip to Germany the next month. I did hours and hours of Googling, trying to find the best solution and it finally all came together.

Here are the steps to follow to free yourself from carrying two phones and paying international fees:

1) Make sure your iPhone is unlocked
2) Download the Verizon Message + app
3) Download the Talkatone app, sign up, choose a phone number
4) Turn off iMessages
5) Turn off Facetime
6) Under notifications, turn off Messages, turn on Message +
7) Before your flight takes off, forward your phone to your Talkatone number. dial *72 plus your Talkatone number, make the call and you will hear some beeps, this means it’s forwarded
8) Once you’re in the air, remove your Verizon sim card and store it in the case so you don’t lose it. DO NOT LOSE THE VERIZON SIM CARD!
9) When you land in the new country, buy a sim card, install it, make sure the data works. You’re all set to use your US Verizon phone number in the new country for calls and texts!
10) Enjoy the free calls and text messages during your trip.

When you’re ready to come home, here’s the steps to put everything back to normal:
1) Once you take off on your flight, remove the international sim card, install your Verizon sim card. Store the international sim card in the case.
2) When you land back in the US, dial *73 and you will hear a few beeps, now your phone is NOT forwarded anymore
3) Under notifications, turn off Message +, turn on Messages
4) Turn on iMessages
5) Turn on Facetime

That’s it, everything is back to normal.

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  1. Todd, great video! I have a question about group IMessage. If I am involved in a group IMessage, what will the other people in the group see from me? I assume that it will not stay blue like it normally would in iMessage? Will it look like I’m a Android user with the same phone # ? Will I drop out of a previous group iMessage that I was in? Please let me know, I’m going to Ireland in a couple of weeks and I may try this out. Also, is it offered for Verizon prepaid customers? That’s what I use. Thanks!

  2. But for FaceTime and iMessage can't you use your email address to be contacted instead of your phone number? Then just use Messages Plus for SMS?

  3. Hi Todd. Why do you need to forward the number to the Talkatone app? I currently have Verizon. The Message + app seems to currently support text and calling. Will it not work outright just an international SIM card?

  4. When setting up the Message+ app do you put in your actual cell # or the one created with talkatone?

  5. Hello, Todd, great video. Can you please answer my question in regard to the talkatone app if it is free because it said there is a charge for it at the App Store. Thank you

  6. Hello, Talkatone from the App Store is not free! Am l looking at the wrong app bcs l heard you saying it is free. Thanks

  7. Following all these steps, were you still paying for your Verizon service back home? Or did you cancel that so you weren’t getting any charges? I don’t want to continue to pay my monthly bill in the US as I’ll be traveling for at least a year and just plan on getting sims in the country I’m in at the time

  8. Going to Australia this Friday! Excited to try this out. Can I ask tho why am I disabling face time and I message ?

  9. is it possible to face time for example im livin in United States and somebody I want to talk to is in Japan is that possible ?

  10. Can you substitute WhatsApp for Talkatone and messages steps without setting up a new number and forwarding calls that?

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