Travel Plus Style : Plus Size Travel Outfits (Plane, Theme Park and Date Night)

Travel Plus Style Video

Travel Plus Style

Plus Size Travel Outfits (Plane, Theme Park and Date Night)

Plus Size Travel Outfits (Plane, Theme Park and Date Night)


What are you essentials for travelling? Which one was your fav look? (Guessing no one will vote for the plane outfit hahah)
Hope one of these tips helped you out. Will be doing a chafing video in the future as well as per request (but I love bike shorts under a skater skirt for theme parks and activity days!)
Any other video suggestions just let me know!

My measurements to help you out:
CHEST: 43 inches or 109cm (Bra size 16E or 38DDD)
WAIST: 38 inches or 96cm
HIP: 49 inches 124cm
HEIGHT: 173cm or 5ft8

Plane outfit and items:

Oversized TShirt (I am wearing a 18)
Jeggings (I am wearing size 16)
Flora Remedia:
Tiny bottle for Primer or setting spray:

Theme park/Tourist day outfit and items:

Tshirt (I’m wearing a 20)
Skirt (I’m wearing a XL)

Date night outfit and items:

Flower leotard (I’m wearing a 20)
Peplum Skirt (I’m wearing a 20)
Mint Cardy (I’m wearing a XL)
Unicorn shoes (I’m a 6 which equals a NZ 8)
Lush powder:

Instagram: MeganOnAir
Snapchat: GuyAndMegan
Twitter: MeganAnnear
Email meeeee:

See you next week, love ya x
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  1. You’re so pretty. I like how you pull off your clothes despite our size. My size prohibits me in exploring outfits. Thank you for inspiring us to still look good

  2. Your date night outfit was beautiful!  You have a smile that really lights up your face, love your videos 🙂

  3. You're so gorgeous! Also I'm a librarian and own those unicorn shoes and wear them ALL the fi e at work 😘

  4. hello~~ I love ur channel and I want ur help hehe im living in south korea and I would like to know if you know a good webside (asian, or sending to korea) to buy big size clothes, before i bought in a chinese web but was very small haha (If you make a haul from webside clothes will help me a lot) thank youuuuuu

  5. I love your date night top/leotard from Boohoo, what kind of material is it and how accurate is the sizing?

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