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Travel Plus Size Clothes



We all know that traveling as a plus-size person can be a nightmare. The more I travel the more I realized that there are things I can not travel without, especially as a fat person. The things that I mention in the video have made traveling as a fat person so much more easier. You can find the links to everything I am talking about down below:

Things you need:

Seatbelt extender


Biker shorts:

Thigh chaffing product:


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  1. I was soooo worried about the belt size , i flew viva arobus to Mexico and I was good the belts run pretty big . Also flying back to LA flew delta and pretty much the same thing it was a bit shorter then arobus . Just keep in mind to get a choice of seating area , delta does random seats 😩😄 I got stuck in the middle seat haha not bad though 😩

  2. Great video and tips! A few years ago, I found the perfect travel robe for me. It's satin and hits just above my knees. The fabric makes it easy to roll up into a little ball that can be stuffed into a very small space. Bonus, it has an attached belt so that means I never have to worry about it going missing. I love my big spa terry robe, but find it too big for my travel needs. I really have been trying to master packing light. So girls might consider shopping for a satin or jersey fabric robe that's less bulky for travel. Mine was a Charter Club from Macy's. They don't sell the same one anymore, but there are similar. Amazon has some too.

  3. As someone who used to be fat, the effort required in shedding the weight and learning healthy habits to easily maintain it was so much less than the effort required for all of this stuff, along with the myriad of others issues that come with being overweight. Goddamn…Just commit to the lifestyle change, take it slow and steady, make it happen, and never worry about any of these things again. You WON'T regret it!

  4. Amazing video. really liked seeing it.
    Keep on going please.subbed you.
    I will be really thankful for it when you give some love back please 😃😊 ❤&✌

  5. Jess extra leg room seats often are narrower as the tray is usually in the seat side which takes inches away.

  6. No one has ever asked me that question….I REALLY don't know how I would answer that(knowing me I'd probably say BITCH WHET!)…But good info..I always used ANTIPERSPIRANT instead of deodorant…will look into megababe

  7. Over 18k views but only 93 comments…? Ok, Jessica… I dare you to try and say the hundred+ comments you deleted were all hate. I bet it was constructive criticism that you couldn't handle which is really sad. Don't be Chantal, up until 5 o'clock every morning deleting comments – not that I'm comparing you to her! you've got a long ways to go.
    How about instead of telling overweight/obese women the loopholes to their obesity, helping to guide themselves and yourself away from obesity. I'm not trying to be mean, I promise. You just seem to be enabling overweight/obese women with your channel…. I know this comment won't actually come to fruition.

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