Travel Per Diem Jobs : I Got a Per Diem Job!

Travel Per Diem Jobs Video

Travel Per Diem Jobs

I Got a Per Diem Job!

I Got a Per Diem Job!

I got a job! And just in the nick of time, too. All nurse practitioner students are required to have RN working experience in order to continue with the program. But I’m still going to continue on with my goals and here’s why.

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  1. May I ask which city you are at? Is it hard to get job at a skilled nursing facility? I didn’t note that the job market was not good around Southern California. Thx.

  2. Thanks for this!!! Getting through nursing school is tough. Most people (myself included) think you get a job offer immediately after graduation- though it may happen for some, it’s not that way for some of us. Thanks for sharing your story!

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