Travel Out Of Country While Pregnant : What to Expect in the 1st Trimester: Q&A with Belly to Baby

Travel Out Of Country While Pregnant Video

Travel Out Of Country While Pregnant

What to Expect in the 1st Trimester: Q&A with Belly to Baby

What to Expect in the 1st Trimester: Q&A with Belly to Baby

Exhaustion. Mood swings. Nausea. And we’re supposed to keep it one big secret? The first trimester can be overwhelming for women and their partners. Watch Abby’s Live Q&A with Dr. Camaryn Chrisman Robbins as we dive into the top issues and concerns new moms face.

To answer your specific questions, jump to:
1:16: How to know if you’re pregnant. (Negative/Positive pregnancy tests, irregular periods, and spotting)
4:00: Ovulation is different in all women; take home ovulation kits
5:10: If you’re sure or unsure if you are pregnant, find a doctor! Ways to finding a doctor.
7:45: What to expect during your first appointment; ultrasound, head to toe physical, breast exam.
10:40: Determining if you’re considered to be high risk during pregnancy
13:30: Testings and screening available for women
18:50: What happens to your body and mind during pregnancy; mood swings, nausea, having a hard time.
22:00: Change in your appearance during pregnancy. Your body begins to shift as your weight and breast size is constantly changing.
23:35: Should you really be eating for two? Having a balanced diet with portion control and the vitamins you should take throughout your pregnancy. CRAVINGS!
28:30: How pregnancy affects your immune system. Being sick when you’re pregnant and overcoming that illness. Also, what medicines you can take.
35:20: Myths and Truths to what you can and cannot eat/drink. (lunch meat, caffeine, alcohol).
39:45: Advanced Medical Aged Questions. When you’re pregnant at 35+

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  1. I'm 9 weeks and 3 days I waited about 2 months to take a pregnancy test and on the 4th it was positive but my question is do I need to be referred to an obgyn

  2. Well some of that is false
    Here’s my story as of my last period April 22nd…

    Hello! I am now 40 days late, I've missed two periods. If I am pregnant, I would be around nine weeks maybe, I haven't taken another test yet becuase I forgot it at home, last month I had nothing hutbjight sweats and sweating more often, I had a job working outside but the heat just seemed to be too much for me for some reason, my last period was aril 18-22nd around may 4th is when I could be ovulated, but when my period was due nothing happened. Fastforward to June 10th I had very intermediate light pink discharge and some cramps but no period, this month it was due the 14th-17th. This month It seems like my symptoms are worsening, I started to have bad hip pains, that radiates to my upper butt but lower back, I also had a day when I did my monthly check for my breasts that there was clearish, milky stuff but it as well was intermediate.. my headaches did get worse at first then they let up, my bobbs feel pretty weird, not sore but not normal either, I've been sleeping so much in the month of June and last month I just felt as if I couldnt even do anything. I've taken pregnancy tests, they have come back negative. I havent yet tested for this month, but the dizziness and nausea seems to be worse at night for me, and I'm just not sure what's going on, I have kept pretty good track of my cervix and since last month it's been high and i haven't felt any difference other than in May before my period it was lower and hard but it rise back up and got very soft, since then it's been a little firm but has stayed very high. I have talked to doctors and none of them will do a blood test because my urine test has come back negative , I went to my local pregnancy center and she told me there have been many cases where girls we're pregnant and just didntn have ANY hcg in urine and sometimes even in the blood so they find out to be indeed pregnant but they found out around four or five months. I really need some insight, I can't get to a doctor right now due to money, and time. Could someone help me out here? I’ve currently missed two periods now and I’ve never been on BC, also I had a pap done the middle or ending of last year and everything was fine… so you can definitely be pregnant with both negative urine and blood tests.

  3. In febuary my period lasted 2 days it usually lasted 5 days so i thought that was a little weird, then towards the end of march i started getting really bad nausea everything made me just wanna vomit 🙄 that lasted about a month, so in may i was feeling way better but i still havnt gotten my period?? its aready going to b tha 4th month i havnt had my period im not sure if im pregnant or what!

  4. In South Africa, what most hospitals do, especially private, they will build the hospital but also build a building next to it with suites for doctors to rent, and those doctors will be hired by the hospital but also can also can run their practices in the same vicinity, I don’t know if I make sense!!!

  5. I'm so glad I don't have to work, because I feel like vomiting from morning to night time. I also have heartburn. I lost 7 kilos already cause everything makes me so sick. Can't stand street smells, food smells… I can't wait until I get to the second trimester (I've been told I'll feel better)…

  6. I'm 8 weeks exact and the internet has had me ANXIOUS and scared, I took a pregnancy test after not having my period for almost a month and it came back positive and I have been thinking I'm not pregnant even though I am and putting too much stress on myself, this was definitely needed.

  7. My first pregnancy was a breeze other than me having to spit every second!! But I’m pregnant now and i feel all of the sickness everyday to the point I cannot get outta bed !!! My senses are very keen !! I have a long journey !!! ☹️

  8. I’ve been having this constant “butterfly” or “nervous” feeling for almost two days now and was feeling very nauseous yesterday because of the smell of steak. I have two days before my expected period.

  9. I’m 9 weeks and have sickle cell. I have to get tested for my baby to make sure he/she is healthy. I’m hoping & praying for the Best. But if my Baby has Sickle Cell I will have to terminate. I been crying so much lately I hope it turns out well for us. 🙏🏼

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