Travel Out Of Country While Pregnant : Is it okay for a pregnant woman to fly on an airplane?

Travel Out Of Country While Pregnant Video

Travel Out Of Country While Pregnant

Is it okay for a pregnant woman to fly on an airplane?

Is it okay for a pregnant woman to fly on an airplane?

A lot of women want to know if it’s okay to fly during pregnancy. And during the 1st and 2nd trimester, it shouldn’t be a problem, as long as you’ve been uncomplicated. But once you get a little bit further along, you should talk with your doctor and approve it through them. They’ll want to make sure that, based on your pregnancy history and your overall health history, that it’s safe for you to fly. Again, if things have been going well for you, then they may say it’s okay. But airlines will usually only let you fly till about 36 to 37 weeks, and they do differ slightly on policies from airline to airline. So check with the one you’re thinking about flying with to make sure that it’s going to be okay for you. And don’t forget to think about your return trip, because say that you left when you were 36 weeks, and you’re coming home, and you’re 37 or 38, they may not let you get back on the plane. So keep those things in mind.

It’s also good to research the area that you’ll be traveling to, and find out where all the local hospitals are so if you start to have complications, you’ll know where to go. Another important thing to do is drink a lot of water, because if you start to get dehydrated, you may start to contract, and of course, that’s bad when you’re in an airplane (and at any time when you’re preterm). You may not want to do that, because you’ll have to get up to the bathroom a lot, but that’s also good for you. You should get up and move around the cabin every 1 to 2 hours to stretch your legs and get the blood flowing again, because sitting there for a long period of time puts you at increased risk for blood clots, and you’re already at a higher risk for blood clots during pregnancy. So get up and move around. And if you can’t do that, just be sure pump your calves while you’re sitting still.

If you’ll be flying out of the country, talk with your doctor about vaccinations that you need to get and that are safe to have during pregnancy, so that when you travel, you’re as protected as possible. If you have more questions for me in the future, feel free to ask them on our Facebook page at, and recommend us to your friends and family too.

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  1. Are you freaking out of your mind?? YOU MUST NOT BE VACCINATED DURING PREGNANCY! It’s dangerous, it killed babies and it continues to happen because of crappy advise like this! There doesn’t exist a single vaccine which has safety testing on pregnant women, absolutely none! Moreover consulting the doctor regarding vaccine recommendations is absolutely pointless, as they have zero education on the topic of vaccines, most of doctors are absolutely unaware of the dangerous content, they’ve never studied anything except what’s the schedule and how to administer it, they do not know how to recognize an adverse reaction and most of them don’t even know that vaccines injuries can happen, forget about them knowing that vaccines injure 1 in 10 people and every single one one is damaged on a cellular level, where the damage might show up only after several years. So don’t be stupid, don’t get vaccine recommendations from anyone who doesn’t know anything about it.

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