Travel Off Peak 1.50 : Zone 1 Tube Journey For Just £1.50

Travel Off Peak 1.50 Video

Travel Off Peak 1.50

Zone 1 Tube Journey For Just £1.50

Zone 1 Tube Journey For Just £1.50

So taking a short trip on the tube from Zone 1 to Zone 2, or Zone to Zone 2 THROUGH Zone 1 always costs you £2.40 (in the off-peak, it’s £2.90 in the peak) for the adult fare, except … not always!

Here’s an example where you can travel through Zone 1, and only pay £1.50, and it’s a quicker journey too. Can you find any others? Check your idea by having a look at the TfL Single Fare Finder page …

… the ‘Single Fare Finder’ is a great page on the TfL website which lets you type in any two stations and you can see in advance how much it’s going to cost:

Also, just realised of course that the Overground DOES go through Zone 1 at Shoreditch High Street … (Euston and Liverpool Street don’t count as they’re terminus stations, you can’t go THROUGH Zone 1 using them) which does have its own anomaly in that you can go from Clapham Junction to Highbury & Islington, also for just £1.50 – We covered this in ‘Secrets of the Overground’ here:

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  1. Geoff you are a legend (even though you're an arsenal fan) my wife would love to go to London again for a short break and I'll certainly be emailing you for the best info of how to get around London by tube and I love just riding the line to its destination so all your knowledge would be such an asset,keep up the good work and keep the videos uploaded,ps how's Vicky?

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