Travel Minis Set : AWAY Luggage Mini Holiday Gift Sets | Minis are BACK! | This or That

Travel Minis Set Video

Travel Minis Set

AWAY Luggage Mini Holiday Gift Sets | Minis are BACK! | This or That

AWAY Luggage Mini Holiday Gift Sets | Minis are BACK! | This or That

The much awaited Mini AWAY giftsets are BACK! Snag yours ASAP to get your ideal color and product combos.

*Purchase your very own AWAY luggage here! And get off!

The mini ()
The essentials set ()
The beauty set ()
The grooming set ()

They let you try the luggage for 100 days. If you are disappointed (you won’t be, promise), you can send it back no questions asked. What are you waiting for?!

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Want to learn more about the specs and the ENTIRE product range that AWAY luggage has to offer?
Watch my BRAND RUNDOWN video here:

Interested in how much The Carry On can fit when fully packed?
Watch that packing video here:

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  1. Hi, thank you so very much for this video, unfortunately I cannot spot this lovely item in their site, could you please tell me if it is still available, or maybe it was only available in the US (I live in Greece)? I wish you a merry Christmas!

  2. Hey, I just called away and they said that they don’t have that anymore. That it was 2 years ago when they first open. Is that true? Where can I buy this boxes?

  3. I ordered one on the 14th and I'm glad I didn't hesitate because a few days later the most popular colors are sold out. I would've missed out on the pink (Blush) if I waited to order.

  4. I ordered mine on Saturday and by the next day the color I ordered (Navy) was sold out. I really wanted the aurora as my first choice but I was late

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