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Travel Mid Wales

Visiting Wales – A Winter Road Trip To Mid Wales

Visiting Wales - A Winter Road Trip To Mid Wales

A trip to the Mid Wales Coast and a stay at Nanteos Country House Hotel.
On this Welsh Road Trip we drive from South Wales to the Mid Wales coast.

First we call at New Quay, a littles seaside town in Ceredigion, Mid Wales. Dylan Thomas lived here during the war and it was used as a location for the film about him “Edge of Love’ starring Sienna Miller and Keira Knightley.

After New Quay we drive up the coast the the town of Aberaeron, which was particularly windy with a storm coming in. We then move up to Aberystwyth.

Because of the weather we go straight to the hotel for the night – Nanteos Country House Hotel which is about 10 minutes from the centre of Aberystwyth.
The hotel, Nanteos Mansion also known Plas Nanteos is an 18th-century grade listed building in its own grounds.

After a stay and dinner in a massive room at Nanteos we go back into Aberystwyth early Sunday morning to have a look at the castle.

Before we drive back to South Wales we stop off at Devil’s Bridge. The waterfalls at Devils Bridge have attracted visitors since the 18th century, including William Wordsworth and the artist J. M. W. Turner.
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Places We Visited In Mid Wales:

0:49 New Quay

2:12 Aberaeron

2:54 Aberystwyth Part 1

3:23 Nanteos Country House Hotel

5:34 Aberystwyth Part 2

6:23 Devil’s Bridge

‘Visit Wales – A Mid Wales Winter Odyssey’ – Filmed November 2018


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  1. Is it always so dreary in Wakes? Oh and what’s up with the stuff on your face? You going for a new look? Lol!!! I really like Wales actually. I’ll have to come visit you guys!

  2. Great video and footage of Wales. Incredibly beautiful, though I could feel the chills just watching you all bundled up. Great trip and worth the visit to Aberystwyth.

  3. You guys are great! Like us you seem to end up with times where you get bad weather…glad to see you don't ever let it stop you

  4. Was just talking with someone about visiting Wales. Going places in the winter are great for no crowds. I am for it as well even though I don't care for the cold.

  5. Love discovering Wales through your wanderings even in the cold and rain. That manor house is wonderful!

  6. You two are so delightful! We've never visited the UK before but are planning on it soon – thanks for all the great ideas!

  7. What a good timing to watch your video. I sent my passport to renew my visa and I can't travel abroad for now. So I am planning a trip in the UK. Your video gave me an idea of what to do. I should come to Wales

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