Travel Map : Throwing a Dart at a Map and Traveling WHEREVER it Lands

Travel Map Video

Travel Map

Throwing a Dart at a Map and Traveling WHEREVER it Lands

Throwing a Dart at a Map and Traveling WHEREVER it Lands

We threw a dart at a map and traveled to where it landed. This is how our adventure went. What travel challenge should we do next?

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  1. I am SO SO excited to be sharing this one. A lot of amazing adventures were had on this trip and I hope you challenge the way you travel.
    I'm also excited to announce in about 2 weeks we will be moving to 2 videos a week (most weeks). I will be starting to film the RAW and uncinematic side of our travels and sharing them here on Wednesdays. Basically like a BTS or kind of a return to the old school Lost LeBlanc. Saturday's will stay as they are with high pace / high quality cinematics. I hope some of you are excited about this announcement because I AM 🙂
    In the meantime, see you next Saturday!

  2. You guys are so amazing . My dream is to travel the world and i am a solo woman so was scared to go by myself to a lot of places so i always went to hawaii for a while every winter because i felt safe but so expensive so now i'm so happy i ran into all your videos and i'm addicted and been watching them all wow, and i'm so inspired to take the plunge and travel different places like Thailand, Indonesia, and Phillipines where the money goes far. I am from Edmonton Canada so i'm very tired of the cold and want to learn more and more and more about travelling and living abroad to places that our money is worth something , safe , beautiful weather , sun etc so thanks so much for your videos. You guys are the sweetest couple to watch as you have so much fun together. It's a joy watching your videos and i love travelling so inspired to do more in different places.

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