Travel Light Opposite : Will This Go Faster Than Light?

Travel Light Opposite Video

Travel Light Opposite

Will This Go Faster Than Light?

Will This Go Faster Than Light?

Physics of contraptions meant to go faster than light.
My video about the problem with Facebook:

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  1. I've been thinking about the speed of light too a lot. To my knowledge the speed of light is measured from a "fixed" spot, like the earth.
    If we where to shoot 2 satellites at 0.51c they have a relative speed of 1.02 compared to each other. This would not violate the relativity law as the energy input would only be half what is needed for light speed.
    If those satellites again shoot 2 objects with 0.5c they would go in their turn go 1c compared to each other. But again, this on it's own would not violate the relativity law due to the objects themselfs are not shot at the speed of light. But if you take the objects moving away from the earth shot by the satellites they would be going at 1.01c or above the speed of light without their individual components breaking the law.
    Am I thinking this in a wrong way here?

  2. i have a idea

    what abou big black holes?
    you move to black hole and time slow down but you gain velocity by gravti
    and reach a point where a absolute no time but you have speed
    and speed is time+traveled distance
    but you traveling wite 0 time

    and stable orbit your speed exponencaly incerasing until hiting a SPEED OF LIGHT

    and enught time you reach a escape velocity and fly away ower SPEED OF LIGHT

  3. If we somehow keep accelerating a particle by all the forces we could apply. Eventually we would might reach the speed of light. Right?

  4. Why is nobody adressing that there might be a million things faster then the speed of light because they already move faster then the speed of light but we cannot really observe them. What about Quantum Entanglement, Super Positioning, space bending, things traveling in different dimensions aso.

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