Travel Itinerary : How to Plan Your Travel Itinerary | Travel Like a Pro Pt. 2

Travel Itinerary Video

Travel Itinerary

How to Plan Your Travel Itinerary | Travel Like a Pro Pt. 2

How to Plan Your Travel Itinerary | Travel Like a Pro Pt. 2

Hi loves! Here’s part 2 of my travel planning series. Sharing how to plan your itinerary for travel, how to plan for transportation and also how to get internet on your phone while you’re on the go. If you haven’t watched part 1 on booking flights & accommodations, you can watch it here →

0:31 – Google Doc Tour
1:23 – How to Research for Travel
5:50 – Organize by Location
7:12 – Planning Your Daily Itinerary
10:12 – Planning Transportation
12:02 – Phone, Data & Internet

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  1. I've tweeted to you about this video but I also want to make a comment! This was such a huge sigh of relief for me! I'm starting to plan my 4 week (first time) SOLO trip to South Korea and Japan at the end of this year/start of next year and I've just been winging it with this whole planning thing. But even before watching this video I had Google Docs already set up with some info about various things, read numerous vlogs and watch lots of youtube videos AND already created Instagram collections since last year hahah thanks so much for this helpful video! Such a handy tip to put those Google Docs offline too! And also your packing video is so good!!

  2. Great inspration. Thank you ! I have one question, where did you get the weather forecast from?

  3. I have finally decided to stop relying on tour companies for my international travel and your travel tips had made it so much more easier to wrap my head around and to get going! Thank you!!!

  4. Great Video…. I have a question after :50 into it, you say "I always save the document as an offline file on my phone so I have it with me all the time" Question, how do you do this… sorry if this sounds a little dumb, but I do not know how to do this to be able to view the document without wifi or internet access…. thanks so much…

  5. This is such a smart way to plan trips!! Your video is awesome and you’re really great at explaining organization and where to find/how to find fun things. GREAT VIDEO!!

  6. I am planning a Eurotrip, but I can use recommendations which countries should I visit , I do want to start in Spain , but I am not sure where to go next or which countries are worth to writing down in my "must go places" . so Im open for any recommendation.

  7. hi, loved this video ,and i will be taking your advice to create my itinerary for japan. I will be travelling there in 2 weeks, I had one question is it necessary to purchase the JR Rail pass? Im going for a week i only had one day trip planned to Kyoto and i really want to visit tokyo disney, any suggestions will be helpful. thanks

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