Travel Into Space : What It Feels Like to Travel Through Space

Travel Into Space Video

Travel Into Space

What It Feels Like to Travel Through Space

What It Feels Like to Travel Through Space

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to travel through space? In this video, we use a program called Space Engine to explore our solar system, our galaxy, and the rest of the universe.
The distance between the earth and other celestial objects is always way larger than you may think!

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How Far is the Closest Star?

Why dark energy causes the universe’s expansion to accelerate

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Enjoy the video!
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  1. Okay this is how I thought of it one time, so we as humanity found bacteria and stuff and we found that there are billions of them on for example your skin. And in this video we zoom out and there are also billions and billions of stars and planets etc. Now stay with me, imagine that there is a creature or something, so unimaginable big with also bacteria and its skin, and that our civilization is just and organism growing on its skin. So in theory we are the bacteria on something its skin or surface which is the size of something way bigger then we already know. Wouldn't that be so fucking mind blowing.

  2. Man, that was an absolutely riveting video, and I have NEVER used the word riveting even once in a sentence in my entire life! Riveting is now a word I will reserve only for something that is not only superior, but superior in several ways! Your video had characteristics I've never experienced with this type of subject matter.
    1 passion, and wonder. You were so not boring.
    2 simplification, you truly want us to know everything that YOU know.
    3 positivity, you didn't try to scare me with all the possible dangers.
    4 humility, you didn't sound like a know-it-all. You sounded like a fellow excited student.
    5 hopeful, you have exciting vision about what's next! It made ME excited about it too! And more interested! Neil Degrass who???

  3. "It took 253 days. This means if you left on Xmas morning, you wouldn't get there until July 4th."
    Ahem: Xmas to Jul 4th is 191 days. He should have said September 4th.

  4. I've been trying to track down the music played for the first few minutes of this video… I have only ever heard it in two other yt vids. But there's never any info in the description. And the music used links in here don't lead me to it either. Does anyone have any specific information on it? Or can someone link me to this actual piece of music please and thank you. Haven't found it for years. Ugh

  5. Ths video made me respect n loving God. How pwrfull creater he is. Wow All mighty inventor v r nothing infront of his pwr. Wow I must say heavenly God is mighty creater. God bless ul.

  6. I love these types of videos. They're so humbling and really put everything into perspective. And yet also make me feel like I'm going to have a panic attack.

  7. "This video is going to make you feel small" it doesn't matter what is said after that, don't you see this is how they control you, they've been saying this for decades. There is NO evidence any of this shit exists! nothing! but there IS a tonne of evidence the ground is level stationary. A civilization reset is coming. New world order after.

  8. When I think about the distances I feel overwhelmed and like "what is the point?" But I;ve sat around and thought, well one day maybe we will be able to just "think" about where we want to go like the commentator Me Ya Be Da below. But with singularity racing towards us as some talk about around 2030, technology is going to bring us newer ways to do things, maybe our fragile biological bodies won't last the race but technology and AI will maybe show us that we have have to defy the laws of known physics and travel in the blink of an eye (yeah yeah BlinkDrive in Dark Matter)..It's a shame as we wouldn't be able to sail around certain features, like passing a strange Sun, akin to those who sail cruise ships. Our perception would maybe different, we may evolve differently, instead of going faster, we would live longer? or indeed the rule book needs to change on physics. In some ways I would love to observe all this and see what happens but it still would not satisfy every observable phenomena that happens or has happened. The universe is expanding until we will not have observable stars like we do now, our descendants may look up and see just blackness. And eventually the universe will breakdown every molecule..on the bright side another universe may be born (which maybe why there was a big bang) again. Maybe everything we have imagined or will imagine has existed or will exist. It can be so hum-drum sometimes on earth and that's why I think that the only thing that really matters is the love you have for people.

  9. Not to sound stupid, but how do scientists know all of these estimations? They can't be one hundred percent accurate because, with what I know, we haven't even been that far out there yet.

  10. Good vid man well narrated. Volume level at times peaks a bit. Not to mention every narrator that we know of has had a slow methodical deep tone so maybe that's a little something to think about. Your version definitely shows your excitement and at times relays that excitement but there are many moments that need to be pulled down a bit. I say all this just to say overall great video

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