Travel Insurance Yerevan : Flying into Yerevan – First Impressions of Armenia

Travel Insurance Yerevan Video

Travel Insurance Yerevan

Flying into Yerevan – First Impressions of Armenia

Flying into Yerevan - First Impressions of Armenia

It’s my first day in Yerevan and first experience of Armenia! After trying some of the local Armenian food, getting out into the coutryside and beginning our hike, here are my first impressions.

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  1. Dear Jord. I'm very glad for you that you have discovered my motherland and you liked it. Thank you that you showed it in such an authentic way. Good luck to you and all the best in your future challenges.

  2. You probably people don’t know the apricot story. When Noah’s ark landed on Ararat mountain after the flood, when they all got out of the ark they saw Apricot tree full of apricot and that was the sign from god that they are safe and should start life there, and Noah’s son Hayk started family there and the rest of the son’s started family elsewhere. That’s how we all are spread throughout the world.

  3. Armenia 🇦🇲 Erevan is super nice 👍 cool place to go visit
    Food is super good
    People are nice
    Girls are very beautiful
    Very nice places to go see
    Sooo 👍🇦🇲 and you won’t regret going there

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