Travel Insurance Usa Resident : HEALTH INSURANCE for United States citizens traveling long-term!

Travel Insurance Usa Resident Video

Travel Insurance Usa Resident

HEALTH INSURANCE for United States citizens traveling long-term!

HEALTH INSURANCE for United States citizens traveling long-term!

Travel and health insurance are not exactly the most exciting topics when planning a RTW trip. However, both are very important considerations for United States citizens since we don’t have universal healthcare. We ultimately decided to go with Christian Healthcare Ministries for our health insurance (although it’s not actually health or medical insurance…watch for details) and World Nomads for travel insurance.

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  1. Christian Healthcare Ministries sounds a lot like universal health care…minus the doctors. You pay your share and everyone gets help, basically. Isn't caring about other human beings nice? 🙂

    Although 150K per diagnosis? My goodness, how expensive are procedures in the US?
    My mom went through a (rare) cancer diagnosis, treatment, and recovery in addition to breaking her tailbone and spending a month in intensive care. I don't know the cost because the UHC system covers it all but I can't even imagine needing that much money for treatment! Holy smokes, I'm gobsmacked! I hope and pray that you never need to max out a claim (or submit one for that matter).

  2. Hey guys! Love your videos and how thoroughly you planned and researched everything. I’m currently looking into the same thing and was thinking about just using Medicaid for health insurance since I will have no income (as long as my income stops before I reach X amount that year). Is that something you guys considered?

  3. Will you be keeping the coverage in the U.S while you are abroad? And if so why? My husband and I are in our late 20's and are trying to plan a year long trip and are trying to find as many resources as possible. Is it mandatory to keep health coverage in the U.S while away?

  4. Thanks so much for this video. I am 61, and plan to take a similar 1 year RTW trip next year. My biggest cost problem was medical insurance. Obama care costs me $543 per month, and pays nothing of the first $7,000, and nothing overseas. Because of your video, I signed up for Solidarity (the Catholic version of Liberty), and now have coverage/sharing for the US, and abroad, for $200 per month, with a $500 self responsibility. You made a big difference for me. Thanks.

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