Travel Insurance Usa Reddit : The Worst State in the United States

Travel Insurance Usa Reddit Video

Travel Insurance Usa Reddit

The Worst State in the United States

The Worst State in the United States

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  1. Adventureland and cornfields are the best attractions in our state

    For real, Adventureland is really, really fun. It’s in Altoona, IA

  2. Being from England I really wanted to know what you all thought. I have been to many states and really want to go to the south. Closest I have been was Lakeland Florida. I say to people in the US when they speak to me that my county is like the Alabama of England (Norfolk)… Because country folk and incest jokes BUT we are not the worst.

  3. Was Maryland mentioned? Spent the whole video helping my grandpa and I didnt listen, and I dont feel like rewatching the video

  4. Oklahoma is either good or very bad. Good if you’re in the meteorology or the Red Cross but if you don’t like 300 mph wind I would stay outside of roof throwing distance(on average about 7-9 miles offshore of northern Greenland.) Moore is a medium sized town where there has been about 3 ef5 tornados hit its city lines 5/3/99 ef5 takes out half the town winds broke the recorder at 306 mph. 5/20/13 ef5 eliminates the exact same part of town but a wider path winds of 250-270 mph. 5/31/13 el Reno tornado(s) first ever tornado to have 18 recorded subvertices, first tornado to break 2 miles wide and a record of 2.6 miles wide, with winds once again breaking the recorders at over 326 mph also the only tornado to ever loop back on itself twice…counter clockwise

    For those who don’t know, tornados only turn left they will never turn right because they always spin clockwise. Somehow that one turned right

  5. I am glad I did not see Texas on the list, I would get my neighbor Chuck Norris to shoot them with a sniper.

  6. Kentucky has people who would willingly vote for Mitch McConnell. If they're not the worst because of that, they're pretty close.

  7. Lousyana
    I was stuck there for about 12 hours but I had approximately four separate stories to tell. And it's not about the traffic

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