Travel Insurance Uk To Egypt : 7 Biggest Travel Mistakes Made By Tourists

Travel Insurance Uk To Egypt Video

Travel Insurance Uk To Egypt

7 Biggest Travel Mistakes Made By Tourists

7 Biggest Travel Mistakes Made By Tourists

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Traveling can have lots of pit falls, here we go through seven common mistakes that travelers make when they are traveling. Whether it is packing too much, not doing their research or trying to cram too many cities into their trip, here are the most common blunders and mistakes tourists make on vacation.
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Filmed in Vienna, Austria
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  1. Actually working at the airport as a ground crew we normally tell them when you’re allowed out plus your on there 10 to 15 minutes after you land

  2. In regards to cramming too much into too little time, a person with some good running shoes can get from one end of the Louver to other in 9 minuets and can see every work of art..

  3. I just stumbled on this video and there are great tips here. I was an overpacker. After getting charged for overweight luggage, I was reformed. I take less clothes and will wash in the sink. I also made the blunder of not staying closer to the centre of the city – that was in London. I swore never again. I'm going to Europe this September and made sure to book hotels closer to the city centre/main railway. I also agree with the poster who said that one should take the time to learn a few words and survival phrases in the language of the country you're going to visit. I can also personally attest to how well you are treated when you can say Hello/Excuse me/Please/etc.

  4. Seven countries in ten days??? That's nuts! Going to Paris in May…want to see some of the main places but mostly strolling around the 5th arrondisment and Seine banks and picnic in several parks and eat a lot of food from the markets.

  5. Another blunder is not knowing the laguage and the currency conversion…people, please learn the basics at least, thats one way locals rip you off, they know u dont speak their tongue or know how to count their money, so theyre like ok well charge her more, she wont know … learn the language and the money

  6. Current plans are for:
    A week in Paris [& Flanders if in April, for an ANZAC day commemoration] ,
    Followed by:
    A week in the South East of England [checking out a number of Cathedrals/ Castles/Museums] ,
    A week's break on a narrow boat ,
    And finally:
    A week in Edinburgh [If in August for the Tattoo] .

    (Either end, depending on the time of year, might be substituted with a week in Ireland)

  7. Good point with the landing ime on planes. When I landed in Schipol this year it was raining and they weren't letting planes depart. Sat on the tarmac for about 2 hrs after a 9 hr flight. Was not much fun. Good thing at least it was the final stop and wasnt late for anything

  8. Mark yet fantastic advice thanks please can you just tell my wife to stop putting her things in my small suitcase thanks 😎

  9. The last time I was looking at statistics about train travel the trains in most of Europe were still more often on time than the trains in the US. For example trains in the Netherlands is the second most often on time after only Japan.

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