Travel Insurance Uk Santander : The Santander Select Customer Episode – Full Time Motorhome vlog #178

Travel Insurance Uk Santander Video

Travel Insurance Uk Santander

The Santander Select Customer Episode – Full Time Motorhome vlog #178

The Santander Select Customer Episode - Full Time Motorhome vlog #178

Please watch: “Fulltime Motorhome Visit to Fordingbridge 28-07-2018”

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  1. Hay love watching you both you remind of my great friends here at home even though I've never meet I feel I've known you for ages god bless to you both

  2. when i phoned my bank to transfer the cash for my motorhome they advised using my phone app. worked a treat was in the sellers account within 20 mins.

  3. Congratulations to you both. I don't blame you for having a few beers today to celebrate. Even though it was unplanned. I'm looking forward to the next chapter of your adventures.

    All the best


  4. Love your vids always. Did you ever do a Duvalay review? I have searched your videos and haven't found one. Would appreciate if you could point me at it as I would value your opinion. I think it an extremely good option for the campervan we want to buy this year. Thanks. Cheers and Beers.

  5. Lovely to see you have sorted out the payment for your new 'Home' X I'm not a 'Select' account holder but I am with Santander and I think the Select accounts need to just be asked for if you pay in more than £5000 a month or have a certain amount of money banked with them. I used to work for Barclays when I left school. Hope you enjoyed the Pie my mum would sometimes cook them when I was a child, I always wanted my dads 'Vesta' Curry in a box, looked and smelt so much nicer XX

  6. Hi Steve And Wendy Great Vlog as always Steve a question from my wife Nicky can you ask your sister Jill where she got her campervan top she was wearing in the last vlog please?

  7. Hi Steve and Wendy Your Video proved that I am right You are so happy that you paid for your motorhome. Wendy is right your HOME!! You have made every one that watch your Video happy! That calling the motorhome
    happy!! Bering is your its a happy home!!!

    I am a Santander Select Customer not at a bank. But my Credit Union for I am part of the Credit Union as every member is therefore are Santander Select Customer we have a say in how it is run! With a bank you have no say how it is run. Thank for having one for me. That the only way to fliy today! Say hi to pippin.

  8. Still drinking I see 😂 I had to complain about bank today. Waited 30 minutes in branch to see someone about something on my account, not happy. Congrats on new home. Keep drinking, it makes interesting viewing. 😂

  9. I'm a Santander customer and have not got a clue what a 'select' customer. Is Based on how much I pay them for charges I think I deserve to be one. Before you go and pick up your new motor home I would make sure you keep off of the flavoured water 🍺

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