Travel Insurance Uk Pacemaker : "Help Me" The Secrets of using a PLB (Personal Locator Beacon) in an emergency/accident

Travel Insurance Uk Pacemaker Video

Travel Insurance Uk Pacemaker

"Help Me" The Secrets of using a PLB (Personal Locator Beacon) in an emergency/accident

"Help Me" The Secrets of using a PLB (Personal Locator Beacon) in an emergency/accident

When all other means of getting help have failed, you need to use a PLB.
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They cost around £230 and have no subscription fees or call charges, which over their life time, including a battery change at 6 years, works out at around £25 per year for the ultimate travel insurance because, unlike mobile phones, they work anywhere in the world! They have been used for years at sea and it was only last year that they became legal to use on land in the UK in 2012, yet their function and value remains little known in the outdoors community.

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  1. It’s saves searchers so much time, manpower, resources and money to find someone. Instead of sending out 200 people, search planes, helicopters, vehicles for days of hoping to find the people in need of help, they can just pinpoint the person and send out 1 search team and find the person in need within 30 minutes.

  2. Haha. This guy is funny. Never heard of him or seen him before. Don’t know if he’s famous but he should be. He’s quite dramatic in his delivery of the plb. Would be good for a current affair type shows where they put fear in your mind to persuade you of the very real risk. 😳 on the product side they are a real good item to have. You never know when a snake will bite you in the bush

  3. It is no surprise that Lyle Brotherton has been chosen for instruction to special service people – he would be the 10 out of 10 presenter – very easy to absorb exactly what you are viewing with his knowledge / ease and manner . Good bloke

  4. I hope you warned the authorities before setting it off lol, hate to think they were scrambling a rescue party over a youtube video 🙂

  5. I have been trained by Lyle in the past…(I also helped change his wheel – another story). He has the personality you can spend hours with and carry on learning all the time. Not patronising at all and he can adjust the level of information to suit different learning styles and levels.

  6. Good. Any info about other country? For example Italy or Austria? Are they supplying rescue services? 

  7. Good demonstration, although I'm not convinced pointing the PLB South (in the Northern hemisphere) will aid reception from geostationary satellites; the 1/4 wave whip antenna is almost omnidirectional in the horizontal plane. KISS is the way to go in my opinion – antenna out, keep it upright, keep it out of any water with a good view of the sky. Await rescue 🙂

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