Travel Insurance Uk Diabetes : Where Can I Get The Cheapest Diabetes Travel Insurance?

Travel Insurance Uk Diabetes Video

Travel Insurance Uk Diabetes

Where Can I Get The Cheapest Diabetes Travel Insurance?

Where Can I Get The Cheapest Diabetes Travel Insurance?

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Travel insurance for people with diabetes is often loaded with higher premiums due to people with diabetes having a higher risk. No traveller can avoid the odd surprise, but being prepared for your travels can help avoid unnecessary stress.

Whether a weekend break or a month abroad, travelling is supposed to be relaxing, eye opening and special. Planning ahead is the key to a perfect trip, and despite your own private insurance, travel insurance is a travel essential.

Why buy travel insurance?

Travel insurance covers scenarios that are faced daily by thousands of travelers worldwide. What’s more, for people with diabetes, travel insurance can help cover the cost of medicines such as insulin should there be an unexpected emergency.

I visited several sites that offer travel insurance for those with diabetes and I am now giving you my findings. The quotes I received were based on my situation, a Type 2, with health insurance (the travel will be a secondary insurance) and a ,000 policy. The trip was a 7 day trip to the UK from the US.

Here are the Cheapest with their prices.

Seven Corners was the cheapest at .72 with a 0 deductible.

They were also the second cheapest at .64 with a 0 deductible. The difference is this policy pays ,000 on pre-existing illness while the other pays ,000.

Third in line was HCC Atlas International. The cost is .68 with a 0 deductible.

Trawick came in 4th with a cost of .48. Again a 0 dedutible.
In 5th was GeoBlue at a price of .56 with the same deductible.
And 6th was Global Alert at .00.

All of the first 6 had 0 deductibles and were secondary insurances.

It wasn’t until I got to the 10th cheapest carrier that I found a primary insurer and that was April. This program also had no deductible.The cost was only .

When looking at the customer ratings all the top 6 were in the 4.4 to 4.6 star rating out of 5. And surprisingly, most of them are underwritten by Lloyd’s of London, a very prestigious British insurance company.

So, the range for secondary insurance is -23 for ,000 worth of medical insurance while traveling outside the US. It is important to note, that if something happens to you while in the US, many of these policies do not cover you.

If you really want the coverage, say million, you can get that for 2.88 USA Assist.

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