Travel Insurance South Africa To Usa : Getting Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance South Africa To Usa Video

Travel Insurance South Africa To Usa

Getting Travel Insurance

Getting Travel Insurance

After our last Gap Year in America, we definitely needed Travel Insurance.

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  1. That was street basketball at a particularly notorious court. And since when was it not dangerous to have YO AZ HANDED TO YO WAZZAAAA

  2. It was in s1 of gap year where they played street Basketball in NY. It was highly competitive and whilst you weren't allowed to punch people, playing dirty wasn't exactly out lawed. Combined with the fact they were much larger and stronger, it may have made the chance of injury more likely, however nothing happened.
    It had nothing to do it their race (large african american population in NY particularly the bronx).

  3. So? If you spend your whole life worrying about whether people care or not, you'd have a pretty depressing life. So, I DONT CARE.

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