Travel Insurance Singapore Pregnancy : TRAVEL TIPS: 16 Tips for Surviving Long Flights (While Pregnant)

Travel Insurance Singapore Pregnancy Video

Travel Insurance Singapore Pregnancy

TRAVEL TIPS: 16 Tips for Surviving Long Flights (While Pregnant)

TRAVEL TIPS: 16 Tips for Surviving Long Flights (While Pregnant)

Have a long flight coming up? Pregnant? Here’s how I deal with long haul flights while pregnant to make it the most comfortable and enjoyable experience as possible. Subscribe for more travel hacks and inspiration:
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  1. Hi, love your channel now discovered it looking for info on traveling while pregnant and let me just say you’ve given me peace of mind. My question is it necessary to walk in the first trimester on a 3hr flight ? I’ll be 10wks for my first flight while pregnant please let me know. Thanks a mil

  2. I was thinking of travelling to Tenerife from the UK (depending on Brexit🤣) but I’d be 5 months pregnant! Any advice from the comment section?

  3. I wish I had watched this 3 weeks ago, before going to Brazil! I did get an aisle seat and requested a seat belt extender. But that tip of lifting the aisle arm rest, wow! If I travel again before baby is born, I will definitely lift it.

  4. It is not an x-ray machine 😬 they are body scanners : Basically millimeter wave is transmitted from two antennas simultaneously as they rotate around the body. The wave energy reflected back from the body or other objects on the body is used to construct a three-dimensional image, which is displayed on a remote monitor for analysis.

  5. You are lovely rocking that bump! All great tips, too. There's nothing quite like traveling with a big belly in a small aisle lol

  6. I might be traveling long haul during the end of my 2nd trimester or beginning of third trimester to give birth in Canada, so this was helpful…

  7. You look amazing! Thank you for this video. I'm flying Glasgow to Toronto next week and I feel veey reassured 🙂

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