Travel Insurance Schengen Reddit : FRANCE study visa, work permit, parmanent resident, worldwide tourism and consultants fast process

Travel Insurance Schengen Reddit Video

Travel Insurance Schengen Reddit

FRANCE study visa, work permit, parmanent resident, worldwide tourism and consultants fast process

FRANCE study visa, work permit, parmanent resident,  worldwide tourism and consultants fast process

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So now let’s go into details:

It is commonly believed that getting Schengen visa is very tedious and time consuming but actually it is not. If you know all the requirements and prepare your documents well, it is pretty straight forward process.

You need to understand below steps and requirements:

1. Choose your country to apply visa:

Mostly people visit more than one country when they travel to europe, so if you are also doing the same then country where you will spend most of days, will be the country where you need to apply visa.

2. Travel tickets:

You need to show tickets where your arrival and departure dates are confirmed.

3. Accommodation bookings:

You need to provide all the confirmed hotel/hostel bookings for your whole trip. It is necessary to show that you have place to stay during your travel.

4. Important documentations:

a.) Visa Application Form:

Download the visa application form from VFS global site and you can also get sample application form to fill it right. Don’t forget to sign the form.

b.) Valid passport:

Passport must be valid for 6 months at the time of application and at least there should be 2 blank pages

c) 2 recently clicked passport pictures according to specifications required for country

d) Leave letter from your company (if employed)

With this letter, it will be clear that you will return to work in your home country. You should ensure that this letter clearly states your designation,length of your employment and dates, leave dates which should cover your travel dates

If you are student then get NoC from your school.

e) Proof of financial stability

Payslips of the past three months and your employment proofs,

If self-employed: You should submit certificate of proprietorship or other proof of ownership 

f) Income Tax Return form or Form 16

This will show that you have earned your money legally

g) Personal bank statement of the past three months with sufficient funds

This will prove that you have sufficient money to travel and you can manage your own trip. It depends on many factors, every country has different minimum requirements for daily expenses. Ideally you should have at least 1.5-2 Lakhs in your account.

h) Travel Insurance

This is very important, you should get an insurance which should give at least 30000 Euro coverage during your travel.

i) Proof of civil status

Marriage certificate, birth certificate of children

j) Residency proof

If your passport address is different thann your current residence address then you must submit residence proof such as electricity bill, telephone bill etc

k) Cover Letter

A letter addressed to the consulate you are applying. It should contain the following:
Purpose of visit
Complete itinerary
List of all documents that you are submitting

Good luck with your visa processing.

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