Travel Insurance Reddit : Europeans, How Can You Instantly Spot An American Tourist? (Reddit Stories r/AskReddit)

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Europeans, How Can You Instantly Spot An American Tourist? (Reddit Stories r/AskReddit)

Europeans, How Can You Instantly Spot An American Tourist? (Reddit Stories r/AskReddit)

Fresh AskReddit Stories: Europeans of Reddit, what is a dead give away for American tourists in your country? — LIKE AND I WILL UPLOAD MORE REDDIT STORIES!

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  1. It's funny. Americans might only take one trip to Europe in their life, and be amazed at how you can just go to another country for a weekend (for example, visited Luxemburg for a day yesterday). Meanwhile I might only be able to afford to go to the US once in my life, and I'm amazed at how there are 48 countries in one country and you can just travel to a different state for a day.

  2. I don't think Americans think all of Europe is the same at all. When you come to America there are so many things different culturally here from state to state. Even city to city even if it's in the same state. So that would be wrong to assume we think Europe is the same everywhere.

  3. I think is easy to spot, because they are different to everyone else. The same way you can tell if someone is English or German or Italian by their face/bone structure and skin/hair color, etc, you can also tell someone is from US, because they are nothing alike the "local" people. Of course, there are other clues, like make-up and clothes trends (that is another way to differenciate Asian people too, as they dress way differently depending on their nationality). Finally, other thing that screams US is diversity. If you can see more than one race/ethnicity in a group of people, you can bet they are from US.

  4. For me it's the way they pronounce things, like Edinburgh is either Edinbruh or EdinBURGH, obviously not just Americans never actually met an American tourist it would be nice, another thing is to my American friends I have a thick Scottish accent but to my family I have little to no Scottish accent, god help them if they try understand a highlander

  5. I live in Berlin. Americans often tend to include "I'm from Yonkers, New York" or something like that when they introduce themselves. Okay, in the case of Yonkers a further introduction might be needed, but they even do this with more prominent places, except when there's THIS ONE like Los Angeles or Chicago. I mean, not every European knows where all the places are, I just find it's a common quirk of them. Also they are very responsive and excitable when I tell them bits and pieces about the local history outside of Hitler and Nazis.

  6. i was once traveling from prague to karlsbad by bus (karlovy vary in czech if that might help some of you, the city was the main plot point in the movie "last holiday"). i was sitting next to an american who was visiting karlovy vary. he knew next to nothing about the city. i had to explain a lot of the basic stuff about the city. he ddn't even know about the famous karlsbad wafers. he said that he just wanted to "learn about it along the way". i also taught him some basic phrases like dobrý den (formal way of saying hello), nashledanou (formal way of saying goodbye) and so on. he was a really nice guy, and interesting to talk to. i think he said he was from new york. also the accent gave it away instantly

    edit: i forgot to mention he was kinda surprised and interested about everything i said

  7. Keep in mind you're likely ONLY meeting the more upper-middle to upper class Americans– the ones who can afford the expensive trips to London, Paris, Berlin, et al. The average American will likely never go overseas in their lifetime given the exorbitant cost of traveling there.

  8. On the opposite end, in America (Cleveland, OH) you can tell a tourist by one facial expression. They smile. A LOT! (American Blacks don't smile. African immigrants do sometimes.) I was eating pizza at a Guy's Pizza, and this wide-eyed Canadian couple just stared at me, wanting to initiate conversation. Eventually, I made eye contact and conversed with them politely. I wasn't mean, because I don't want them to think all Americans are assholes. Think of yourself as a goodwill ambassador.

  9. Yeah telling us how you're actually 'from' the UK because you had an ancestor like 200 years back who emigrated from Scotland or some shit. Its very annoying. Also wearing board shorts, a polo shirt and a baseball hat like you're the worlds most confused athlete. Oh and talking on public transit, no one does that here and it makes you seem like a massive prick

  10. The dead giveaway is when you hear their loud, dumbass American accent from miles away saying something dumb and retarded as they munch on a hotdog lol. They also tend to be fat

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