Travel Insurance Rbc Online : DOGTAG Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance Rbc Online Video

Travel Insurance Rbc Online

DOGTAG Travel Insurance

DOGTAG Travel Insurance

DOGTAG 100% Proof Travel Insurance

Sports and adventure travel insurance for action-minded travellers.

The unique Dogtag ID system that means:
• Carry evidence of your insurance and rescue contacts on your person.
• Your rescuer can access vital medical info & insurance details online.
• 24/7 travel emergency service starts managing your situation fast
No paperwork to carry, the natural choice for sports and adventure travel

A Commercial by Jon Moy


“Back For More”
Written by: Carmen Sclafani
Artist: Wiser Time
Copyright 2006. Wiser Time Music (ASCAP)

Visual Artists:
Opening scene

Man with Dogtag Sam Ross
Woman in bed Chloe Goodyear


Windsurfer Sam Ross
Canoeist Neil Fleming
Wakeboarder Serkan Ozkan
On Hobie Cat Jess Deryshire
Mountainbiker Rob Munby


Skiers in lime green outfits
Skier 1 Christophe Lagu
Skier 2 Craig Wilson
Skier 3 Thierry Bruynooghe

Snowboarder 1 Nico Stanford
Snowboarder 2 Simon Cudlip

Closing Scene Skiers
Skier 4 Christophe Lagu
Skier 5 Elena Dryden
Skier 6 Chris Clements


Bournemouth, UK
Ortakent, Turkey
La Plagne, France
Meribel, France

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