Travel Insurance Pregnancy Direct Line : What Does it Really Mean if Your Pregnancy is High Risk?

Travel Insurance Pregnancy Direct Line Video

Travel Insurance Pregnancy Direct Line

What Does it Really Mean if Your Pregnancy is High Risk?

What Does it Really Mean if Your Pregnancy is High Risk?

On this episode of Belly to Baby, Abby sits down with Dr. Ebony Carter to discuss high risk pregnancy and what it really means.

To answer your specific questions, jump to:
1:30- Stay off Google!
2:20- What does “High Risk” mean?
4:10- Advanced maternal age
5:10- Reducing risk before pregnancy
6:10- Screenings in advance
7:20- What to do before you get pregnant
8:20- Auto-immune conditions
9:40- Managing risks and benefits
10:25- Hospitals maximizing care
10:53- Transport for high risk pregnancies
11:15- How hospitals manage high risk pregnancies
13:10- If you have a high risk first pregnancy, is it guaranteed for the 2nd pregnancy?
15:30- Genetic testing; Should I get it?
18:00- (Live Question)- I’m 36 with a gastric sleeve, am I high risk?
19:15- (Live Question)- In my last pregnancy I had a placenta abruption, would I be considered high risk for my 2nd pregnancy?
19:38- What is a placenta abruption?
22:10- (Live Question)- I am a triple transplant patient, but I want to get pregnant. Am I high risk?
23:35- (Live Question)- Pulmonary embolism; What is it and would I be considered high risk?
25:15- Pregnancy after delivery
25:50- Anatomy scan at your 20-week ultrasound
27:10- Information after your anatomy scan
28:30- Fetal Care Centers and how they help families
30:25- Seeing babies grow
31:10- Details from your ultrasound
32:40- How to build a support team with your circumstances; Doula
35:45- Always have a hard copy of your medical records!
37:00- If you’re having multiples are you considered high risk?
39:15- Reassurance of a good pregnancy
42:00- Lack of baby movement
45:30- Minimizing risk for multiple pregnancies
52:00- Women & Infants center being built in STL
53:40- Getting 2nd Opinions
54:20 (Live Question)- Should I try again after 3 difficult pregnancies & 1 stillbirth?
55:20- Finding support groups for moms

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