Travel Insurance Online Reddit : 35 – Autopilot gets betterer all the time

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Travel Insurance Online Reddit

35 – Autopilot gets betterer all the time

35 - Autopilot gets betterer all the time

Autopilot gets a HUGE update and more to come, Q1 vehicle production numbers are in and we answer viewer questions and much more!

Links used in the show:

Tesla Q1 2019 Vehicle Production & Deliveries

Tesla is hosting an autonomy investor day that will be webcast

NAV on AP “hopefully approved for Europe soon”

Introducing a More Seamless Navigate on Autopilot

Tesla pushes Dynamic Brake Lights to alert other drivers

Tesla pushes Dynamic Brake Lights that warns other drivers of rapid braking

Location-based Bioweapon Defense Mode (eventually)

Tesla to work on location-based Bioweapon Defense Mode activation

Right hand drive Model 3 spotted in CA

Tesla Model 3 right-hand drive spotted in California

Tesla Model 3 owner shares Supercharger V3 insights after full charging session

Tesla supercharger v3 255kW peak reached video. from teslamotors

SC v2 stations to start seeing more power (147 kW)

Supercharger v2 147kW unlocked with 2019.7.11 v3 test firmware. from teslamotors

Enhanced Summon Demo (Video by Melinda Vermeer)

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  1. Investor day update: Musk says at some point they will remove the steering wheel, so that would be level 5
     and telling you to remain alert would just be cruel.

  2. Again guys… I love your show (podcasts). I really enjoy watching / listening to you. Ian's knowledge about wheels and tires is simply amazing. Eric (the clown) is funny… his wife don't need a kid, she already has him 😉 !!! Trevor well, is just simply Trevor… un gars sympathique aux connaissances générales disons, biens étoffées…

  3. I’m really excited for fsd I’m visually impaired and this will change my life for ever! So we r on level 3?! Next level 4! I think we can get it this year level 4. That would be a game changer for me! They are going to demonstrate the new computer this month!

  4. Nice and informative, just keep up with that pace. If you guys could use metric system more it would be better. Funny that Canadians still express volume in cubic feets. Ok, Eric is from USA, almost only western country where people still use imperial measures, bur how come that in Canada you use them when expressing values for volume and heights? I do understand how long is mile and the speed expressed in mph, to some degree I have clue about temperature expressed in F but square and cubic feet is something I don't even have a clue what is all about.. Again, did not want to offend anyone but have in mind that you guys have a lot viewers outside USA / North America. I hope this measurement system all around the world will be sorted out in practice sooner than latter. Best regards from Europe. Cheers! P.S. looking forward to NoA features without restriction, across the Tesla fleet in Europe soon.

  5. I noticed yesterday that long late afternoon shadows affected my drive.. The dark broken shadows from road side trees contrasting against a bright afternoon sun was giving my car fits to the point were it dropped AutoPilot ..

  6. Tesla sold more model 3's in Q1 than all other cars in its class sold all of last year. So each car in 2018 sold less than Model 3 in Q1.
    Is Metric better? 🙂

  7. While watching this video yesterday, I got a notice of a software update. I installed it, and later, my wife and I went to Las Vegas. I had set NOA to not need confirmation for lane changes. While on the 515, the car started to make a lane change to the left, lurched back into the lane, tried to change again several times and then kept the turn signal on for quite some time while constantly flashing the blue light to tug on the steering wheel (which I did) until I finally got the red warning and EAP shut down completely until we got to our destination and then restarted the car.
    Maybe it's the insane traffic in LV, but I think the current version of NOA without confirmation needs a bit more work.

  8. As long as idiot drivers roam our roads, AP is bound to be imperfect… not the fault of TESLA 😉

  9. Trev did you notice that Canadian tire is adding chademo/ccs charging to their locations? Will be nice for saskatoon and lloydminster as they currently have nothing. Ps i saw it on plug share

  10. Great vid again guys. I think the RHD video was an april fools – bur will look. Elon also tweeted that UK deliveries should be May with a tail wins, but certainly in the summer, ao May-aug for first deliveries is what we hope

  11. Yup, I agree with Ian. My Model 3 autopilot still drives like a beginner teenager (often worse).
    When 1 lane spits into 2 it never learns to smoothly take the right lane. Also, adjustment to posted speed limits is still spastic.
    Oh well, I'm used to having this insecure teenager driving me around now… Keeps me on my toes…

  12. My autopilot completely broke and Tesla won't fix it until I return from my roadtrip so not even cruise control until I drive home, no speed signs, no emergency braking, no cameras.

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