Travel Insurance Online Japan : Preparing to Travel to Japan

Travel Insurance Online Japan Video

Travel Insurance Online Japan

Preparing to Travel to Japan

Preparing to Travel to Japan

Yakkan Shoumei, Japanese encephalitis, power of attorney and more! What you should keep in mind while preparing for Japan.
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An easy to remember list:
-Call your credit card company
-Designate someone to check your mail and run your car
-Call your car insurance company
-Power of attorney
-Visit your doctor
-Yakkan Shoumei

You can get the yakkan shoumei here:…

Make sure to read it and fill out the information carefully! I’ve gone through the process before so if you have any questions leave them in the comments and I’ll do my best to help. 🙂

More information on taking medicine to Japan:…

You can also order your international reply/response coupon online here:…

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  2. May i ask what cities you recommend for someone going to japan for two weeks for the first time??? I want to visit cities that are worth visiting. So far I'm thinking tokyo, kyoto, osaka….not sure what others are worth going. Any recommendations is appreciated!!!

  3. A yakkan shoumei is only needed if you are bringing more than 30 days worth of drugs and always for narcotics. Most tourists do not need a yakkan shoumei, as most tourists do not stay longer than 30 days and most average tourists do not need to take narcotics. People who are on narcotics cannot travel. They are usually very ill. Now, for longer than 30 days you need to get a yakken shoumei. If a person uses a CPAP machine and is staying longer than 30 days, they need a yakken shoumei for that as well.

  4. OMG thank you so much for that info! I had no idea that I needed an additional document for my medication (the yakkan shohei). You possibly saved my 7 month stay in Japan, thank you!!

  5. Oh no, didn't even think about the whole medication ordeal. I definitely need my blood pressure meds, don't think I'll have enough time to fill out that form and get it back within two weeks when I leave 🙁 you said you didn't fill out the form and they never search your bags?

    Also have a few other question, can I use my debit Citibank card that has a MasterCard symbol on it?

    What if I get sick or injured in Japan and need to go to a hospital? How does that work?

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