Travel Insurance Online India : What is Travel Insurance? | Benefits of Travel Insurance | Policybazaar

Travel Insurance Online India Video

Travel Insurance Online India

What is Travel Insurance? | Benefits of Travel Insurance | Policybazaar

What is Travel Insurance? | Benefits of Travel Insurance | Policybazaar

In this video of Travel insurance, we are going to discuss about what is travel insurance, benefits of travel insurance, exclusions of travel insurance, covereages, exclusion and how you can easily buy travel insurance from Policybazaar.
Travel insurance is very important for people who are traveling abroad as it secures you against any travel or trip related risks like emergency medical treatment, flight delays, baggage loss, trip cancellation, home burglary etc.
Travel insurance also allows you to enjoy your trip without any worries and you can travel knowing that even if something goes wrong, your insurance company has your back. It protects you from any financial shocks caused due to an unplanned emergency situation . In fact a lot of travel insurance products also provide concierge services for just such situations.
Types of travel insurance plans
* Single trip insurance for tourists
* Single trip insurance of Working professionals
* Student Travel insurance
* Annual multi trip travel insurance for frequent travellers
* Single trip family Floater coverage What travel insurance cover?
Travel insurance covers you for as many as 27 unplanned situations including but not limited to:
1. Emergency medical coverage. Including dental, OPD & hospitalisation, evacuation
2. Baggage delay or loss coverage
3. Flight delay / Flight cancellation & missed connection/flight coverage
4. Cover for Loss of passport , personal belongings, electronics etc
5. Emergency cash advance
6. Home burglary in your absence
7. Personal liability
8. Trip cancellation , trip interruption among many others.
Exclusions of travel insurance plan Travel insurance is an emergency product and does not cover any planned medical interventions. So if you’re going to get a medical treatment abroad, that will not be covered.
What things one should keep in mind while buying travel insurance?
You should check the coverages and plans of travel insurance before buying one. You can easily buy travel insurance from Policybazaar. Policybazaar allows you to compare over 250 travel insurance plans from over 15 companies across India. The best part is that it is all online, no medical tests are required & you get your policy instantly. Policybazaar also provides claim assistance.

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