Travel Insurance On Chase Sapphire Reserve : Holiday Travel: Trip Delay Insurance

Travel Insurance On Chase Sapphire Reserve Video

Travel Insurance On Chase Sapphire Reserve

Holiday Travel: Trip Delay Insurance

Holiday Travel: Trip Delay Insurance

Trip delay insurance overview for select travel cards.
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  1. hey sebby can you post referral links to the credit cards? tried diggin in your site but couldnt find it. id like to support your channel. Thanks

  2. Imagine calling from the plane during a hijacking to check with Chase if alcohol is a "reasonable additional expense."

  3. Nope, have not needed to telephone CS representatives, and in fact needlessly purchased insurance for my August eclipse flight when the Chase UA Explorer card offers insurance.

    Tangentially, I also dodged needing to invoke baggage damage insurance when my luggage wheel broke off: an employee at Guangzhou Baiyun Airport gave me a free, even slightly larger, replacement.

  4. This is very helpful for those stuck in Bali Indonesia with the volcano issue if those travelers used Citi Prestige or Chase Sapphire Reserve.

  5. I wish I would have had one of these cards a few years ago. My plane broke down, I couldn't get a flight out for a couple days and a hurricane came in while I was stuck.

  6. This summer I booked a flight with my Amex Platinum, and my flight was rescheduled due to weather conditions. Amex wouldn't foot the hotel expenses due to not offering delayed coverage. Thankfully Alaska reimbursed me (when they didn't have to). I have since then stopped booking flights with Amex. Since $550 annually just gets you a barebone coverage (probably same tier as those prepaid cards).

  7. I have posted this in a different one of your videos, but I have recently used trip delay reimbursement with CSR. I booked a trip to Cancun using my Ultimate Rewards "which does qualify for the trip delay reimbursement" for my airfare and used Expedia for the hotel using my CSR in a separate booking. I was stuck in Cancun for an extra 4 nights due to Hurricane Irma hitting Miami and booked the extra days with my CSR. After I submitted my claim of about $700, I was reimbursed the max of $500 by check from the reimbursement company after about 4 weeks. I was very pleased with this coverage and will definitely make my future bookings with CSR or the Ultimate Rewards.

  8. I'm really liking this series you're doing on card benefits.  Most of this stuff shows up as fine print when we get the card and we give it a quick glance or ignore it completely before just stuffing it in the drawer with the other paperwork.  What's frustrating is there's really no one issuer that offers the best in every category.  Amex has great return protection, but Citi has better warranty and price protection benefits.  Depending on how big or important a purchase is, choosing which card to use can be quite a dilemma.  Thankfully we rarely actually have to use these benefits.

    Citi won me over with their travel protection benefits.  When I booked my award flights for next year, I had to figure out which card to use for the few hundred dollars in fees.  The only cards I have that offered travel protection benefits on a partial purchase were my Citi TY Premier and my Chase IHG card (I don't have any Sapphires).  The trip delay on the Premier takes effect on 12 hours rather than the 3 on Prestige.  Chase benefits actually seemed slightly better overall, but I went with Citi because I wanted TY points.

    Amex travel protection benefits are really disappointing.  Amex requires you to put the whole fare on the card or pay for it with MR points to get their meager offering.  They don't cover flights purchased with SkyMiles, even if the miles were earned with the card.  They don't offer trip cancellation or delay, and they only cover baggage loss, not delay.

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