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Travel Insurance Ombudsman Uk Video

Travel Insurance Ombudsman Uk

Financial Ombudsman Service

Financial Ombudsman Service

The Financial Ombudsman Service is not doing its job. It doesn’t investigate claims properly, if at all.

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  1. Very eloquently put. I have had dealings with FOS today and basically the company involved is protected by a regulator. So FOS wont do anything about it. Company in question : laughing all the way to the bank with my money & everyone else's!

  2. First Direct-HSBC-Psycho Bank manifests at least 15 of the 20 psychopathy traits listed in Hare's Psychopathy Checklist and FOS serves to keep those criminals in business.

  3. Great Video thank you
    The ombudsman get a fee for each investigation thats whats going on simply business.

    "The World is a Dangerous Place to Live; Not Because of the  people who are EVIL, but Because of the People Who Don't Do Anything About It" Albert Einstein

  4. This is not new, The FOS was aware of one Mr Michael John Shaw of East Lyndsy Finance and in fact had a number of complaints from lincolnshire and other places, The complaints range from paperwork missing to money taken out of there accounts to mortgages done on there properties and the banks paying him for this work with out they knowledge, The FOS being paid to support the Banks and there fraud said that the banks have not done anything wrong and then went on hoildays paid for by the banks so what is new, Bankfraud2014 on both twitter and facebook as now the backing of some MP and in time with your help we will close down this corrupt organisation, Which must be closed to protect the Public

  5. THe FOS is an endemically corrupt organisation, exactly like the big 4 banks.
     Because it is a public relations front for big 4 staff who go their on secondment. Or fradulent little monkeys who work at FOS with a view to wangling jobs at the big 4.

    The CEO  Caroline Wayman should be investigated, tried and jailed.

    I have clients who were told 25% credit card interest is "better advice" and "less" than paying 0%.

    We have a corrupt banking sector because of scum like the FOS.
    Boycott the big 4.  Refuse to send money to an account of anyone who uses the big 4. Refuse to employ or deal with their ex staff unless they whistleblow and admit their part. And apply the same sanctions with FOS staff.

    Sanctions can break these corrupt scum.

  6. Which is the odd one out?

    You guest it ,it's cliant,because all solicitors are  frauding lying thieving bastards and the legal ombudsman are there to protect their fucking thieving bad habits to make bad excuses to you,the cliant .So these so called lawyers continue robbing their poor old sucked in cliants and thieving of them with their legal fees,then they just get rid of you.

    And the next cliant please,

  7. CON BADS MEN MORE LIKE,am having hoops and corrupt shit from my Solicitors at the minute,i would sooner stick my nob in red hot fat then seek redress from these bunch of gangsters

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