Travel Insurance Nz Citizen : Dual citizens: Which passport to present when traveling to the Philippines?

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Dual citizens: Which passport to present when traveling to the Philippines?

Dual citizens:  Which passport to present when traveling to the Philippines?

Which do you present when traveling the Philippines with two passport: U.S. or Philippines? This is often a confusing decision whether the Philippine passport should be presented or the US passport. This video will explain what you need to do when exiting the US, entering the Philippines, exiting the Philippines and reentering the US. It also briefly talks about using the Philippine passport when traveling to other foreign countries.

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  1. In one week i have to travel. So here’s my questions.

    My son is in the Philippine holding US Passport and Certificate of philippines Citizenships.
    My son stayed in the Philippines for about 7 yrs now.
    When exciting can my son use his certificate of dual showing that he didnt overstayed. And to avoid fees.. i need your input asap before our flight back to the US Aug 30.
    Thank you 🙏

  2. thanks for the video. I TOTALLY AGREE with your recommendations. i went to the philippines and showed only my philippine passport coming in. But when i was leaving , i showed both passports. The nice immigration officer told me i should have shown both when coming in, but she understood and stamped both. The point is…… show BOTH passports going to and leaving from the PI. Thanks again

  3. If for example i have an emergency and have to go home to the philippines for two weeks and only have the american passport to show, is that going to be ok? By the way, i am a dual citizen and just too busy to renew the philippine passport that is why i can only show my u.s. passport.

  4. What is the advantages if you are a dual citizen Sir? I'll be a US Citizen on August 30th my swearing date. I am a Filipino. Do I really need to apply for Dual citizen?

  5. Hi goodmorning. Just wanna ask, cause my 6 year old son has already philippine passport then acquired us citizenship this month. He has now both philippine and us passport. The question is, Do i have to get him ecc before leaving Philippines? By the way he was born here and his firt time leaving the country. Pls help.

  6. Hello sir! do i still need to present the dual citizenship certificate in ph immigration? or just the ph passport is okay?Thankyou

  7. Let us say I am a dual US and Philippine and I had both passports stamped upon arrival in Manila. I be there in PI for say one year (Jan1- Dec 31.). Let us say I go with some relatives to Singapore for a week vacation, when I exit out of Manila for Singapore, and say I use my Philippine passport, do I need to have my US passport also stamped ? Or only one time when I finally return to USA on Dec 31? For short exits/ vacations in between my stay in PI do I really need to carry also my US passport ?

  8. Dual citizenship should be against the law. You can't have two master's. Except the Jewish people. Because they'll need all the citizens to protect Israel from its surrounding enemies.

  9. If you're a dual citizen – U.S./PHL – you don't need a PHL passport. Travel from the U.S. to the PHL, present your U.S. passport at Immigration they will stamp it with no questions ask. When you travel out of the PHL just present your U.S. Passport, if it's over a year since you enter the PHL they MIGHT question you ( I was questioned only once) – just tell them you're a dual citizen and lives in the PHL, (you might show them you're Driver's License) – there was never an issue, I usually had no problem. That's how it's been for me – my personal experience I've traveled in and out of the PHL since I moved here in 2001. BTW I was born in the PHL.

  10. Am confused again, if one is presenting to the airline a PH passport but you metioned the need for a visa?? to enter the PH on a PH passport?

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