Travel Insurance Mexico : Ajijic 50% off Mexican Medical Insurance , Chapala, Guadalajara Mexico 50% off Health Insurance

Travel Insurance Mexico Video

Travel Insurance Mexico

Ajijic 50% off Mexican Medical Insurance , Chapala, Guadalajara Mexico 50% off Health Insurance

Ajijic 50% off Mexican Medical Insurance , Chapala, Guadalajara Mexico 50% off Health Insurance

50% off Mexican Medical insurance Ajijic, Chapala, Guadalajara Mexico Affordable Health Insurance

American Moving to Mexico & Canadians In Mexico Expat looking for a better lifestyle living on Social Security and Pensions. Want to Retirement lifestyle now looking at cost to retire in Mexico.

One of the main questions Expat asked about is affordable insurance in Mexico.
Is there a cheap Mexico medical insurance plan?
And the answer is yes Lake Chapala insurance & Ajijic Insurance medical.

The company that provides these services is Blue Angel insurance located in Ajijic Chapala Jalisco Mexico.

Blue Angel Insurance company provides affordable health insurance, Mexican travel insurance up to 50% off private insurance definitely helps expat to retire and retirement in Mexico.
With proper retirement planning and a lower-cost to retire in Mexico is becoming A popular retirement Destiination.

Yes Mexico offers cheap flights, cheap traveling, and travel deals But no Medicare insurance or Medigap insurance as Americans living in Mexico.

Americans retired now in Mexico there overall cost to retire, real estate, food, medical expenses are cheaper then in the United States and Canada.
Contact: Valerie Friesen
766-0547, Cell 331-456-4717

Blue Angel Solutions

Libramiento Ajijic-Chapala 132

Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico 45920
Blue Angel Solutions is pleased to
present you with health and medical resource options that can provide you with assurances for your well being.

Looking for health insurance? We can point you in the right direction. From individual to group insurance we provide free advice so you can have invaluable peace of mind.

If you’re traveling take a look at Medjet and regardless of where you are take
My Guardian Angel with you. You can get more information on these features by going to their respective pages on this website.

Check out Healthy Tips. It’s another feature we provide on our website with a new and informative healthy tip twice monthly.

Activity Contact: Valerie Friesen
766-0547, Cell 331-456-4717

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  1. If you are visiting another area of Mexico and not near the private hospital you've signed with…what happens then.

  2. Wow Jerry just came across your channel I’m a Retired US Veteran with Benefits and SS AND love Mexico been there a bunch of times how would Retiring there work for me ? Please reply thank you.
    Mike G

  3. Perhaps a second video on what the public insurance includes and what it costs? Also, any of the Drs or other health care practitioners who tilt towards holistic methods instead of just doling out pharmaceuticals?

  4. Is the government one like our free county ones in US, there not bad in US just alot of poor people there and people with mental problems.

  5. I'm 88 , be 89 on Aug, 4th. What, if ANY Medical Insurance is available , & what must my residence Status be to purchase any coverages ?

  6. I'm making plans for a two-(2) – three (30 week visit to Guadalahara & Dr. Candy Ugalde, DDS for some dental services. I would appreciate the opportunity to meet with Valerie..etal..@ "Blue Angel Solutions" re. Private Health Insurance. To be 'Candid" I'm a widowed (18 yrs) disabled Korean War Veteran (1950-54) on Social Security & a small VA Compensation which creates more than sufficient USD Monthly Income & NOT have a cash flow challenge. My Passport & card have just been delivered so qualified travel is not a challenge. Please respond with info on how to contact "Blue Angel Solutions"..I anticipate making my trip in January 2019 when Dr. Ugalde's schedule permits. Thank you.
    John Sharp, USAF, SIS, email:

  7. My wife and I are currently residing in Mexico City. We were wondering what city would be better to move to as she has MS and are curious as to wheelchair mobility for her. Any suggestions

  8. As Joel Smith mentioned in your Utube video last year, you provide a great service and advice to people considering travel to and living or retiring in Ajijic. "One bedroom, nicely furnished apartments, including all utilities for $350/month would make just about anyone want to move!! Great video! with a virtual tour of the furnishings and views."
    But, thanks to your videos on Utube, who I am sure pays you well, many people all over the world think Ajijic may just be the place to go to…. They go, because there is little to lose. If they don't like it, they lived in a beautiful place for $350/ month. $ 10 a day for an apartment? At worst, a cheap vacation.
    One year later, I am reading the reports I knew one year ago were coming. All went up in Ajijic. No more $350 apartments with all utilities and gardeners included, restaurants are more expensive, food, services and all else, is on the rise, because our very smart Mexicans know what to do to get the most. I live in Tucson and believe me, I know!
    There is major gringotitis in the streets and no one but Jerry understands why people are leaving again, because he still gets paid by Utube and still pays the same rates for his home etc.
    I witnessed the exactly same progressions in San MIguel de Allende and Puerto Penasco years ago.
    Greed is never a good thing! I may be called "negative" with these comments, but truth matters to me, even at losing face with some of you.

  9. The sad thing about this is American's could have the same are better like countries in Europe if they would stop letting politician jerk them around

  10. Wow very interesting and informative.  I love your video, the clear audible sound, the birds sounds in the back ground (were they real?) and the nice back ground.  Thank you Valerie, Jerry and Lori.  Thumbs up again.

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