Travel Insurance Jury Duty : Reasons To Get Trip Cancellation

Travel Insurance Jury Duty Video

Travel Insurance Jury Duty

Reasons To Get Trip Cancellation

Reasons To Get Trip Cancellation

Do you think you need trip cancellation and trip interruption when you purchase your next travel insurance policy? Or do you think it is an unnecessary expense?
Trip Interruption/Cancellation insurance is necessary when booking your travel arrangements.
You may think that it is only going to cover you for circumstances that are in your life but here are some of the the other covered risks that are included when purchasing this plan:

• Unexpected sickness
• Injury, and or death of you, your traveling companion, immediate family member or your travel companions immediate family
• Natural disasters, travel advisories warning you against travel
• Subpoena, jury duty
• Involuntary job loss
• Missed connections, cancelled flights
• Non-issuance of a travel visa.
Trip interruption/cancellation will reimburse your travel costs if your travel plans are cancelled prior to departure or if they are disrupted after the trip has begun.

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  1. Thank you. After seeing this video, I'll continue to buy insurance for flights. You brought up some things I had not considered. In this series, can you go over how to protect yourself for hotel stays? For example, if you get sick and forget to call the hotel, would you be charged? ( what is the fine print on hotel arrangements ?)

     I have this question because I use to book the whole trip through one service such as Expedia. But what if you're making separate arrangements for each leg of the trip? What are, if any, the obligations to make sure the hotel doesn't charge you for failure to show up after so many hours?

    Thanks again. I know I could read all this for myself, but it helps to see videos like yours because it's additional reinforcement before the trips. Sometimes you have so many things to do that you forget to read fine print.

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