Travel Insurance Jersey Uk : CRUISING TO GUERNSEY | British Channel Islands UK | Cruise Vlog #5

Travel Insurance Jersey Uk Video

Travel Insurance Jersey Uk

CRUISING TO GUERNSEY | British Channel Islands UK | Cruise Vlog #5

CRUISING TO GUERNSEY | British Channel Islands UK | Cruise Vlog #5

Guernsey is part of the British Channel Islands – a beautiful part of the UK – our cruise docked at St Peter Port and we…⬇ More Below ✈ Our 220 page guide on how to travel non-stop —

Quick recap — we’re on our first cruise, departing with Princess Cruises on Sapphire Princess from Southampton UK. Today we arrived in St Peter Port, Guernsey, to explore our last cruise port.

Guernsey is in a unique spot in the UK, it’s actually part of the British Channel Islands so is quite popular with various boat trips and cruise travel as well. We were pleasantly surprised with how welcoming, similar and yet so different Guernsey was to the other spots in the UK we’ve travelled.

Guernsey is one of those places we never really imagined we’d get the chance to travel, thankfully it was the last included stop on our cruise and we had the whole day to get lost, eat food and embrace the local good stuff ( aka cider 🤣 )

That’s the last cruise vlog from our trip on Sapphire Princess with Princess Cruises.
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Safe to say we love cruise life! Having our bags unpacked for a week onboard the ship, travelling over night, new locations to explore almost daily – this is special! Check out Princess Cruises here —

Disclaimer: Ad | This was a partnership with Princess Cruises, but as always, our opinions are both genuine and our own.


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  1. I am from guernsey, it interesting seeing what people say about my home land.
    Also the little chapel is the smallest in Europe and Britain (since guernsey isn’t in Europe) and is located in the center of the island. Any other questions anyone wants to ask about the island I am happy to answer!

  2. To answer some common questions, from someone who has lived in Guernsey for 26 years….

    1) No, we are just as bad at French as people who live in England. The Guernsey-French Patois is a dying language, there are only around 100 people left who can speak it fluently out of a population of about 65K people.
    2) The culture is almost entirely British as well. The BBC is on TV, we get English radio stations and almost all of the same big shops you would find in England (WH Smiths, Waitrose, you saw M&S in Boots in this, you get the idea)
    3) It's actually really boring to live here because its so small so you see literally everything about 100 tomes over and you can't just drive up to the next town over
    4) despite tax advantages day to day cost of living is actually slightly higher than the UK
    5) There is some truth in the law being written partly in French despite everyone speaking English, to the extent that a mandatory part of qualifying as a local lawyer is to spend a year studying in France.

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