Travel Insurance In Japan : How Much I PAY at a Japanese Hospital on Japan's Healthcare System

Travel Insurance In Japan Video

Travel Insurance In Japan

How Much I PAY at a Japanese Hospital on Japan's Healthcare System

How Much I PAY at a Japanese Hospital on Japan's Healthcare System

The Japanese Healthcare system is considered Universal since it’s suppose to covers everyone in Japan. So anyone living in Japan including myself even as a foreigner have to pay into the system. Yes, there are exceptions to this and the Healthcare System in Japan is not perfect, don’t think it is, but I wanted to highlight the general experience for most Japanese people as well as my experience as a foreigner living in Japan on the Japan Healthcare system.

So, Japanese Insurance covers 70-90% of all necessary doctor visits. And one of the things I appreciate about the Japanese healthcare system is that you don’t need to pay the full amount of the medical bill up front and then later fill out paperwork to a claim a refund from your healthcare provider. Perfect for someone like me who absolutely hates paperwork.

All you need to do is show your healthcare card at the hospital or clinic when you arrive. They will automatically calculate the amount you need to pay and you are good to go! And to be honest, it’s surprisingly cheap…which I’ll get into the actual costs soon. Again, people generally pay about 30% of the total hospital bill, but it can be reduced down to 10% for other reasons.

So, Your monthly Healthcare insurance fee varies depending on your age, income, type of work and area you live. And there are 3 main types of healthcare systems in Japan 1. For Company employees, 2. For civil servants, teacher and public works and 3rd is a National insurance for everyone else.

They are all pretty similar in coverage, but if you’re an employee of a company, the company is required to pay half of your monthly insurance fee. Which is a great for most Japanese.

Another perk of being on the company health care system is that they commonly offer FREE Annual Health Check-ups. It’s funny though because health examines becomes a yearly talking point for many Japanese employees as many companies schedule it the same time every year. Employees ask each other if they’ve taken it yet. Or talk about having to drink barium for the test, which gives a white stool. Or some complain that they don’t have time to take it since they are so busy with work. Regardless, you know it’s coming since HR will spam employees to schedule their health exam.

The basic annual health examination is called Kenko Shindan. Again, it’s free for company employees. The exam check things like your eye sight, hearing, blood, Chest X-ray, urinalysis, etc.

There’s even more of comprehensive health examination and it’s called Ningen Dock. These additional tests including things like Respiratory, Stool Tests, Abdominal ultrasound, more detailed bloodwork, etc. What’s nice is that when your over 35 years old the company insurance covers this for FREE as well.

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  1. I love the videos where you expose parts of Japanese life that would normally be inaccessible to foreigners!

    I love your “Day in the Life of” videos, as well!

    Keep up the good work, and glad you’re ok after that accident

  2. USA does not have universal coverage. Medical bills are insane. There is govt assistance, Mefi-Csid, but that's income based, not to mention that medical health system is really bad even with insurance. It's sad that the richest country in the world is really poor in regards to the health system

  3. Sounds really similar to the healthcare system here in Taiwan. My wife recently gave birth to our first child here. We went with a really nice foreigner friendly private birthing center, had to stay extra days because of complications, and had other miscellaneous expenses. It ended up costing us under 2000 US. I can't even imagine how much giving birth would have cost us in the states. Healthcare is one of several reasons we haven't moved back.

  4. is true in the usa going to the er is expensive and you get charged 1000 for basic cases it is a mafia that makes money from the people that they are supposed to take care of.

  5. so you’re telling me, that it costed $1,500 to save your life and i had to pay $300 dollars for a small crack on my elbow and didn’t get service right away and had a “fake cast”(like half open) for a week before actually getting the cast and pay additional $100 dollars for the check in the ER.

    i’m moving to Japan, it’s work paying so much for housing with that cheap hospital bill

  6. in my experience japanese doctor usually won`t give a good dose of medicine to fix your problem with 1 the end you need to visit 2 or 3 times only to fix your flu.its business more money for them LOL

  7. i lived in indonesia. monthly cost for my Nasional Health insurance is 5 dollar. The quality Service is poor, but its free of charge whatever your sickness.

  8. Been to doctor's visits, walk in clinics, emergency room at hospitals, x-rays, CT scams, MRI. Has not cost me a single penny. Insurance is paid through company extended health and shows up as a taxable benefit on paystubs. Vancouver Canada. Oh I did have to pay $85 once fir an ambulance trip (set rate I believe) and in my case it was like 5 blocks lol.

  9. omg thats super cheap!! you guys are so lucky😭😭
    open heart surgery here will cost $20,000 or more!! ICU, medicines not included!!😭

  10. Australian health care is probably more similar to japan I guess.

    I got hospitalised for hyperthyroidism, but I didn't have to pay anything upfront.

  11. In Turkey, insurance system covers pretty much everything. It's completely free MRI,ultrasound,surgeries ,regular scans you name it but for cancer. You get free cancer treatment but it doesn't cover your pills. And for chemo, you have to pay like $50 per session

  12. The visit to my doctor costs around $500….blood and urine test another $500. Thankfully I have great insurance through my employer. The system here is not good 🙁

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