Travel Insurance For Schengen Visa Thailand : ALL TOURISTS in Thailand May Require to Pay Travel Medical Insurance

Travel Insurance For Schengen Visa Thailand Video

Travel Insurance For Schengen Visa Thailand

ALL TOURISTS in Thailand May Require to Pay Travel Medical Insurance

ALL TOURISTS in Thailand May Require to Pay Travel Medical Insurance

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Just last week, there was a new medical insurance mandate for expats applying for a non-immigration o-a visa. The mandate medical insurance will become law starting this year in July for people applying for the non-immigration o-a visa.

The Tourism & Sports Ministry of Thailand is now considering a new mandate for all foreigners to have travel insurance. I’ll tell you what the suggesting cost of this new insurance might be in the video.

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  1. Thanks for sharing great information only thing that’s gonna happen is tourist will continue to flow into Vietnam I’m here and more tourists here then before 👍some have dicided no more Thailand I’m thinking of giving up my condo and just stay in Vietnam no hassles and very reasonable

  2. The figures are very misleading, they don’t take into account the dual pricing for foreigners at private hospitals.
    I don’t mind extra fees at government hospitals for tourists as the hospitals are funded by the tax payer private hospitals are just scamming people

  3. Just a blatant attempt at a money grab from a place reeking of corruption!! Are you so stupid as to believe that ANY money collected like this will go to its stated purpose and not straight into the pockets of corrupt officials? If so, you are truly moronic!

  4. Been here four years. Leaveing now I've had enough price gouging from every direction in Thailand. The country has no concience and is corrupt to the core.

  5. Thieving Thais! So with airport tax, dual pricing and my own personal travel insurance, not to mention the terrible exchange rate, the corruption and getting ripped off. they now expect me to pay another 100 baht that will just end up in someone's pocket! No wonder regular visitors are getting fed up with place!

  6. My opinion. Though doesn't matter. Governments do what they want.

    I'm an American getting close to retirement. Looking at various expat locations.

    What I've seen this last year.

    1. Why are Americans going to thailand?

    Used to be low cost of living. That's changed the past 15 years.

    2. To make their money go further. Live in a beautiful location. Hopefully at peace though some history show uprising, terrorist attacks.

    3. The Visa requirements change daily. No one can keep up with it. Jumping through hoops. Paying more money and more money. Then Visa runs. More money.

    4. Though I've learned in my older age. But most haven't. The women lieing to men. Appearance of love but thousands of heartbreaking stories of bankrupting a foreigner.

    I could go on and on. But westerners are leaving what thailand is becoming. So why come if thailand is doing everything to discourage it.

    Beauracracy, taxes, fees, regulation, harassment are things people flee. Not run too. All people want peace, love, security. Want to be around people who love you for you. Not what they can get from you. From the time your born until you die. Miserable people are conjuring up a scheme of dividing your life. So I think you can figure out my answer.

    Bottom line. Thailand used to be at top my list. But I've reconsidered the last couple of years.

  7. Anyone that travels to thailand without travel insurance deserves to be refused entrance..its not like thailand is a safe place for traveling on the roads walking or driving…their foot paths are a disgrace I'm sure the amount of broken ankles and arms are crazy

  8. The execution (not the amount) of this will be a disaster. They can't add it to the tickets because that would mean Thais are forced to pay as well. Can you imagine a cash collection at the airport? Lines are already out of control. The departure tax in Malaysia are for all travelers so not comparable, typical Bangkok Post. Also: 300 Mio Baht of outstanding medical bills but they are planning to collect 3.8 BILLION Baht. Typical fraud.

  9. If you Kill your cow, the most milk will stop flowing! Don’t kill your tourism industry on your way to make Money!

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