Travel Insurance For Medical : Travel Insurance Explained – Why you Need it and What to do in a Medical Emergency

Travel Insurance For Medical Video

Travel Insurance For Medical

Travel Insurance Explained – Why you Need it and What to do in a Medical Emergency

Travel Insurance Explained - Why you Need it and What to do in a Medical Emergency

Why you need Travel Insurance and Medical Coverage
Many people say they don’t need trip insurance, but we had an emergency in the Amazon an air ambulance had to fly us home.

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Many people don’t think you need travel or medical insurance but you do. Accidents and illnesses can happen anywhere. When searching for an insurance company make sure you know what is covered and what happens when a medical emergency does happen.
The most important thing you can buy is medical evacuation insurance. If you have a serious injury you need to make sure you can be air lifted home to get the proper medical attention you need.

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About Dave and Deb

We’re The Planet D – Forbes Magazine named us one of the top influencers in travel for 2017. Having travelled the world since 2003 and full time since 2009, we’ve had our share of medical emergencies. Before we even started travel blogging, we bought trip insurance and always had medical coverage.
We’ve been in the hospital on five different continents from
↠Deb contracting a serious blood infection while cycling Africa to
↠Dave breaking his back in the Peruvian Amazon and
↠having a motorcycle accident in Asia. We’ve seen our share of hospitals and doctors and understand the importance of medical insurance.

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►Recommended Insurance Companies
↠We use American Express Travel Insurance:
We used to work with AMEX Canada but no longer work with them. We have kept the insurance and credit card because we think it offers amazing coverage.
It was American Express that we used to be airlifted out of the Amazon, had medical coverage and hospital stays covered in Iquitos and had all our evacuation costs taken care of.

↠Allianz Insurance – Other people swear by Allianz Insurance. We haven’t used it but fellow travellers love it:

↠World Nomads is another insurance company that fellow travel bloggers swear by.

What ever travel insurance you decide on, be sure to phone the company and ask all the questions we suggest in the video. Make sure to get the right insurance for you.

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  1. I wanna tell you a funny story about sickness/accidents and travel. Wasn’t funny at the time but the story is epic now. 😎

    Last year my boyfriends dad passed away unexpectedly. They are from Liverpool and Tony was a talented and successful musician, leader of The New Black Eagles Jazz Band and had tons and tons of family, friends and fans in the UK, so we had a service in America then flew across the pond to have another service and scatter his ashes on the Mersey.

    My boyfriend, myself and my two daughters aged 15 & 18 at the time all traveled to England. We had been traveling for about 15+ hrs when we finally arrived at our first Air Bnb in London. It was beautiful. As I unpacked, my 18 yr old took a shower. Being 18, she had decided to rebel by getting tattooed and pierced the moment she was legally allowed, and had gotten her nipples pierced. Literally TEN MINUTES into unpacking I heard a frantic call/scream/Moooommmmm!!! coming from downstairs. Parents know this urgent call. I rush down and theres my kid, standing naked in the bathroom shaking like crazy with her nipple HANGING OFF HER BOOB. She caught it on the handle of the shower door and it literally tore her nipple almost totally off! Thing was hanging by a tiny piece of flesh. I could see fatty tissue. Blood pouring everywhere. OMFG.

    I looked up the nearest urgent care and it looked like a reasonable walking distance, so after 15 hrs of travel we hoofed it with her bloody nipple to a clinic. It took us like an hour to walk there. Long story short, They wouldn’t stitch her up. They referred us downtown to a major hospital, which we took a taxi to. Thank God it took my debit card cause I hadn’t even gotten British currency yet. We finally arrived at the hospital. She got registered around 5pm and then we WAITED. And waited. And waited. Holy crap. So tired, hungry, spent and both of us in ridiculous pain (I have neck issues). She was finally seen around 10pm but nobody had ever seen this type of injury. (Perhaps British ppl don’t pierce their nipples?). So they had to call in the head plastic surgeon, a hot Indian doctor named Honey. She was AWESOME.

    In the meantime while we waited in the room, my kid with her titty out, Every nurse, assistant, orderly, shit probably even the fucking janitor kept poking their head in out of curiosity to see the spectacle. The doctor even took photos with her cell phone. How much you wanna bet she sent it to all her doctor friends like “look at this shit”.

    My daughter was eventually stitched up, given antibiotics and released. By the way I’d like to praise England for their 100% FREE medical care! Everything is free! Even for visitors to the country! Thank you Queen!

    We took another taxi back to the house and our phones didn’t work in England so we couldn’t reach my boyfriend or 15 yr old daughter to let us in. We spent another HOUR trying to get back inside. It was RIDICULOUS. We finally got in around midnight. That was the longest day of my life. Such a funny and epic story now but holy shit it sucked at the time lol.

  2. nice video,thanks. When you are out of country and are in hospital do you pay cash and then your insurance pays you back? If that is the case My credit card only has 5 k limit.

  3. Quite an informative video — I learned a lot more than I previously knew about travel insurance. But what do we solo tourists/travelers do about getting paperwork together if we are injured and/or sick while abroad? I'm leaving on a trip abroad in a week-and-a-half, and if something happens to me, there's no one to make calls and gather paperwork on my behalf.

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