Travel Insurance For Cuba : Cuba Trip Tips Ep. 1 How Did I Get There? | Flight, Visa, & Customs | Made To Order

Travel Insurance For Cuba Video

Travel Insurance For Cuba

Cuba Trip Tips Ep. 1 How Did I Get There? | Flight, Visa, & Customs | Made To Order

Cuba Trip Tips Ep. 1 How Did I Get There? | Flight, Visa, & Customs | Made To Order

Hey Guys! Welcome back to my channel. As you guys know, I just got back from Cuba and since I’ve been back I’ve been getting a ton of questions about my trip like– flight, visa, customs, lodging, internet and more. I figured I’d make a mini series answering all of your questions. I hope you find this useful! Please keep in mind that the rules when traveling to Cuba are always changing so I urger you to stay on top of the news!

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  1. Please explain how to get a license. Do I need to apply via OJAC or can I just do it at the airport before the flight? Thanks

  2. Hi hopefully you can helpe out. I'm planning on going in September but I'm confused on what category to go under and I don't want to go through a traveling agency. I don't just want to go sunbathe in the beach I want to see history and explore Cuba kind of like what you did. Would people to people be the category I'd go under?? Did you get questioned about your category??? How was that whole process. Sorry for all these questions I'm just so confused with everything I read. I hope Trump decisions doesn't affect my travel

  3. NOBODY NEEDS TO APPLY FOR A VISA IN ADVANCE if they're traveling through Mexico (or from any other city that offers ???-HAV flights, e.g., MEX-HAV). Visas cost about $25 at the airport in Mexico.

  4. Hola. I have a question about arriving at international airport of havana, did you have any problems with your luggage. I been reading and watching some news about delays and stolen ones, thanks for your videos.😁

  5. Sorry I'm thinking of these questions minutes apart . What hotel in verdadero did you stay in ? All inclusive ? Was it worth it ? Or would you say the air bnb would be a better route near the beach ?

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