Travel Insurance For Cruise : breaking down travel insurance – the truth about travel insurance

Travel Insurance For Cruise Video

Travel Insurance For Cruise

breaking down travel insurance – the truth about travel insurance

breaking down travel insurance - the truth about travel insurance

breaking down travel insurance. Finding out the truth about travel Insurance. This is the most confusing topic when booking a cruise for people. In this review we try to understand travel insurance a little more we have to break down the travel insurance from medical to trip cancellation.

so I hope to give you the truth about travel insurance as I break down the travel insurance the best I can to explain why you need to buy travel insurance.

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  1. Still keeping you in prayers for your health, Don. Thank you for this video.

    Even though I love NCL, I had a terrible time with the insurance I bought through them. I had to cancel a trip 2 days before departure due to a family emergency. Never be fooled by the phrase “for any reason”.

  2. What would you recommend? I am going to st Thomas middle of September. We are spending a week there and we are flying. Flights and stay is around 2,000. What insurance would you recommend

  3. Be sure to read the small print on the policy! I think the most common risks you'd want covered would be (1) Missing the cruise because of airline delays, re-routing, lost suitcases, etc. and (2) major illness just before departure time (eg, appendicitis 2 days before the cruise sails.)

    3 years ago Celebrity offered me generic insurance that cost 10% of the cruise price. It covered only the time between embarkation and disembarkation. That meant no coverage for cancellation due to flight delays, etc. And no coverage for cancellation due to major illnesses prior to the cruise.

    Usually cruise company insurance covers flights that THEY book as part of the cruise package. Cruise company air travel presents its own constellation of risks and frustrations.

    Be careful about exclusions for "pre-existing illnesses". I know of instances in which, for example, the insurance refused to cover a broken leg after a fall, because the individual was taking a medication that "may cause dizziness", so the broken leg was surely a complication of her pre-existing illness.

  4. If my US travel agent has opened up a ‘group’, then go with group coverage. Cost of insurance goes up as you get older.

  5. I am ambivalent about travel insurance. My travel agent just adds it, but I have a credit card that has the same sort of travel insurance. I had occasion to make a claim, as some idiot nicked my ipad. Wellllll.. since it wasn't bought within the last 90 days, too bad. The travel insurance would pay me a tad over $200 USD. But Americans can use European medical for emergencies without cost. They will NOT fly you back, forewarned. So, I think it's all about the total cost of your trip as you say and what extensive coverage you want. It's not cheap. I paid three hundred Euros for mine. Like your cruise videos. Very entertaining.

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