Travel Insurance Elderly Singapore : What does Travel Insurance cover?

Travel Insurance Elderly Singapore Video

Travel Insurance Elderly Singapore

What does Travel Insurance cover?

What does Travel Insurance cover?

What does Travel Insurance cover?


In this video, you will understand what are the benefits of travel insurance.

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Travel the world with a peace of mind!

Enjoy great benefits that travel insurance gives you and your family.

What does it cover ? Examples are,

1. Medical expenses
While overseas or upon return to Singapore(if contracted within a few days upon return) due to injury or illness.

2. Trip curtailment
For travel disruption before departure.

3. Travel cancellation
Due to sudden and unforeseen reason as specified in the policy wordings.

4. Baggage loss or damaged
At no fault of yours.

5. Baggage delay
To help you get through the period if your baggage arrives late.

6. Travel delay
To help you get through the period while waiting for the next flight.

7. 24-hour Emergency Medical Assistance
Call emergency hotline for emergency assistance.

8. Full Terrorism Cover
Covers losses arising from use of nuclear, chemical and biological substances.

9. Personal Accident Cover
Coverage begins in advance a few hours before your trip departure

10. Emergency Medical Evacuation and Repatriation
Unlimited coverage for evacuation, including transportation expenses and medical services.

What is not covered? Examples are,

1. Behavioural Exclusions
Any wilful or illegal act; Suicide or intentional self-injury; Any behaviour under the influence of alcohol or unprescribed drugs.

2. Medical Exclusions
Any pre-existing medical condition; Pregnancy-related conditions; Travelling to seek medical treatment; Any sexually transmitted diseases

3. Activity Exclusions
Sports played in a professional or competitive capacity; Participating in extreme sports (such as big wave surfing, cliff jumping, ultra-marathon)

4. Travel Exclusions
Travelling in, to or through some countries with greater risks.

5. Circumstantial Exclusions
Circumstances involving war, government action or nuclear risks

The premium are calculated base on the region that you are traveling to, duration of the trip and level of coverage. Group discount will further reduce your total premium.

In most insurance companies in Singapore, elderly who are above the age of 70 will have their limit of coverage capped.

Travel with peace. The premiums are very affordable compared to the cost of travel. Do not risk something big to something small.


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