Travel Insurance Dubai : Snowboarding in Dubai – Ski Dubai | Cover-More Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance Dubai Video

Travel Insurance Dubai

Snowboarding in Dubai – Ski Dubai | Cover-More Travel Insurance

Snowboarding in Dubai - Ski Dubai | Cover-More Travel Insurance

If I said lets’ go snowboarding in the Middle East you’d be like…get out of town! But it’s true, Dubai has the first ever indoor Ski Resort in the Middle East. You have the pleasure of skiing, snowboarding, tobogganing, or just playing in the snow. They even have penguins!! This park is amazing fun, its 22,500 square meters of pure snow fun and is covered all year round! The longest run is 400m with a fall of 60m giving you plenty of speed around the bends.
Definitely worth a visit and you can do some shopping before and after as its part of the Mall of Emirates.

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Travel opens your eyes up to many exciting and unexpected things and generally changes one’s life forever. To see how another people group move, eat, explore as well as smelling the soundings, tasting the food are all amazing additions to exploring a new country.

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