Travel Insurance Direct Tuk Tuk : How We Rented a TukTuk in Sri Lanka | Everything You Need To Know Guide

Travel Insurance Direct Tuk Tuk Video

Travel Insurance Direct Tuk Tuk

How We Rented a TukTuk in Sri Lanka | Everything You Need To Know Guide

How We Rented a TukTuk in Sri Lanka | Everything You Need To Know Guide

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If you’re travelling to Sri Lanka and you have a sense of adventure, an urge to wander and a good bunch of friends. Do consider renting a tuktuk to explore around the island.

The guys were amazing and we cannot recommend renting a tuktuk in Sri Lanka anymore. We hope you find this video useful.

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  1. Love you guys. Love your all of videos 😍. I hope you will come again to our beautiful island ❤️🇱🇰

  2. I am a solo traveller and a big lad, would you recommend me renting a tuktuk and copy your trip? I am pretty adventurous and travelled alone around India for 3 months.

  3. we provide transport service in 🇱🇰 with safe & comfort & lowest rates with entertainment.
    Contact +94 77 3336127

  4. I am sure everyone is going to be renting a tuk tuk now. It seems like the only way to travel and get the real experience. Great video as usual!

  5. Ukkuwa kusuma pitakotuwe upawasa karana hamuda sebalata wahama sadaranayak karanu menawa.rate janatawa tama jiwah wenne ae araksakayanta pin sidu wennae.deweyanve namayen ae daruwo (4) dena balaganna ae asaranawata rekiyawa dipalla.neti nam dewe buduwaru obalage aetakotu sup hadala boei.

  6. So glad Zeta got her own mini-episode! Tuk-Tuks are great and Zeta is just as much a star of Season 4 as the rest of you!
    My first trip in a Tuk-Tuk was in Lina's home country of Colombia – they were perfect for getting around the Amazon town of Leticia! Great BiteSize episode!

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