Travel Insurance Direct Review Whirlpool : How to Replace a Thermal Fuse and Defrost Sensor in a Refrigerator/Freezer

Travel Insurance Direct Review Whirlpool Video

Travel Insurance Direct Review Whirlpool

How to Replace a Thermal Fuse and Defrost Sensor in a Refrigerator/Freezer

How to Replace a Thermal Fuse and Defrost Sensor in a Refrigerator/Freezer

If your refrigerator/freezer stops running and cooling and will only work after it is unplugged then plugged back in, replacing the thermal fuse (thermistor) may be the answer to your problem. Here’s how to do it. The problem particularly affects Samsung units with model numbers that start with RB followed by four numbers, for example, RB1955VQ or RB2155SH. This one is model RB1955VQ. The best and most complete do-it-yourself instructions on the Internet! For more do-it-yourself how-tos, repair help, technology tips, garden hints, recipes, holiday ideas, home improvement help and more, visit

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  1. My refrigerator model is Samsung SR-L629EV which is completely similar to the refrigerator in this video and even have the same PCB board with the previous video from this refrigerator which you checked the thermal fuse. Because of the not-cooling problem, I opened it and I saw the ice on Ref- evaporator. Then I find out that the thermal fuse is not working and do not have any continuity. Subsequently, I changed the thermal fuse several times but it just works for 1 day and the day after the thermal fuse was burned out and lost its continuity. I used several brands but nothing helps. They just work for a day. The second problem is the fridge works very good for about 4.30 minutes but after that refrigerator fan and compressor turn off and do not turn on again automatically. The degree indicators for Ref&Freezer start blinking but after unplugging the device from electricity and replugging it again it starts working very well. Every 5 hours I have to unplug it and plug it again. No clicking sound, I changed the compressor relay but it wasn't helped; then I start to repair and put new electrical parts on the PCB and 90% of the PCB components are new. no problem in the PCB just I do not know what should I do with everyday fuse change and unplug and replug the device per 5 hours. Could you help me with the problem, please?

  2. My refrigerator does not freeze. It appears defrost is always on. No frost on evaporator. Melts and freezes water at same time

  3. I did everything as he said and things work out for me. When the part failed again I simply followed the same instructions and it worked. Great video.

  4. So this is a high quality Samsung refrigerator ? Did metal get so expensive that it was not cost effective ? If so that is odd. Because for the last few years metal prices have stayed around $4 per 100 lbs. This looks like a nightmare, all this cheap ass plastic. I got an old GE had it for all most 30 yrs. Here recently is the only time it has ever given me any trouble. After working on a few washing machines one just over 3 yrs old Maytag. The other about 5 yrs old a Kenmore, I was amazed at how cheap and crappy they are made. I bought a new dishwasher Bocsh it is still under warrenty. Less than 3 yrs old they have been out to work on it 3 times. It has been a POS since day one. Is there any company out there that still makes things to last ? Or is everything just disposable.

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