Travel Insurance Direct Feedback : Smile Direct Club | My Dentist Warned Me | Honest Review

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Travel Insurance Direct Feedback

Smile Direct Club | My Dentist Warned Me | Honest Review

Smile Direct Club | My Dentist Warned Me | Honest Review

This video is about my initial experience with Smile Direct Club. First impressions, my 3-D scan, first and second week of invisible aligners. Is it worth the pain?

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  1. All of the people doing reviews already seem to have nice teeth…. I would like to see someone with teeth like me do a before/after… They aren't bad but slight separation and slightly discolored

  2. Do it yourself ortho is like do it yourself heart surgery. Do you know why orthodontists go 2 additional years in dental school (total of 6 years in dental school)? Watch the show Botched and you’ll see a lot of what happens when money is the decision maker. If your reading this please consider going to a dental professional to review this DYI treatment. The general public doesn’t have a clue on what are the proper steps in proper ortho treatment. You risk damaging your existing teeth and may cause jaw damage if your bite is out of alignment. As usual, you pay for what you get.

  3. ** This is my experience with smile direct so far AND STILL ON GOING AS OF 6/7/2019 even filed a claim with BBB **
    My experience with smile direct has been the worst I have ever experienced and I will thoroughly explain why. I’ll skip the first day of me walking in to get my scan, because we all know that in the office, of course they want you to believe this is the BEST product out there and pitch you the best sales line possible in order for them to lure you in and with just a small down payment of $250 then after that $80/month for about 24 months amazing, right? Wow you got me there! The ONLY reason I got into the aligners were for a simple gap I have between my 2 front teeth (Let me remind me before anything that all my life I have had straight teeth even before braces at age 11 and it was just to close my gap, and like the majority of us, I didn’t follow through with my retainers and the gap came back so I decided to get smile direct for the specific reason) Got my aligners 4 weeks of my scan. No problems everything was going perfect, but ofc… there is no such thing as “perfect”. Fast forward to my month 3, week 3 treatment in where I got an infection and was told to not where my bottom aligner for a week and that it should go away with salt warm water well obviously the smile direct dental team was wrong and I had to go into a dentist office to get antibiotics and the dentist himself said “Huh, This is why I don’t trust any of those online aligners, but good luck” Going on to Month 4, week 2 treatment… I took them out of the baggy they individually seal each aligner into it (which is “sanitary” and I’ll get back to this later on my story) As soon as I popped them in my mouth, I noticed that they were looser than usual. I let it slide thinking “This is probably my teeth getting used to the aligners way faster than they should so that’s why it is loose?” Little by little they kept falling straight out of place even with me talking. My boyfriend then noticed and said, “Your upper right tooth isn’t straight… it’s at an angle” I replied and said “No babe, I think it’s the aligners giving it that affect, I doubt it’ll make my tooth cricket”. That same week I chatted with one of the reps to explain to them what was going on about them being loose and my tooth becoming cricketed. He told me not a problem to send in my pictures through there mail box so someone in the dentist team can assist my problem takes 3-5 business days. Tuesday comes along, spoke to them Friday around noon, and I reached out to them to make sure they received my photos so that we can resolve this asap because now my tooth is Really noticeable on how slanted it is not only that, they gave me the Wrong aligner date which was supposed to be in order individually wrapped and it wasn’t in the right bag and not to mention the fact that my mouth doesn’t close properly now, my left molar teeth do not touch anymore when biting down only my right side and it feels weird and off. The second, no excuse me, the 3rd rep I chatted with transferred me to the dental team and they told me they received the photos and that it will be getting viewed by a licensed dentist or orthodontist. Within an hour I got an email stating that “My re-evaluation has been denied and the dentist has determined that I am in track as predicted by month 4 and to continue my botched-up work, if the plan didn’t go as plan, to contact them back at the end of my treatment” sure yeah so I Immediately called back and demanded to speak to someone in the dental team ASAP. Now the 4th rep I spoke with told me that she will try to get one of the dental team to come to the phone… I waited for about 15 minutes she gets back to me and says, “I have someone here you can gladly speak too” I said “Great! Please put me through” she says “Yes, I’ll put you on the queue, it’ll only take 3-5 business days for you to speak to him/her” Now, this is where I got extremely aggravated (but that was jokes on me because I thought that this was the only day I would get EXTREMELY aggravated and fed up, but guys… this was only the calm before the storm) told them “I understand that but this has GOT to get resolved now not in 3-5 business days, I have never had this problem in my life until I started this program and now look where I am” She puts me on hold again for another 15 minutes and says “I have someone here for you, want me to transfer you over?” I said yes and asked how many people are ahead of me she says, “Only one Miss” so I said “OH wow, so out of nowhere now there’s one person ahead of me instead of me waiting 3-5 business days to speak to the dental team. How can that be?” Now I’m on the phone with someone in the dental team. I explained to her all and every problem I am having. She says “oh sure let me help you with that. Let me go check the photos you emailed us” She goes and “checks” and says, “I don’t see anything wrong with them, this is why it got denied. Your teeth are in good shape and look as if they’re on track” I asked her “Which pictures are you viewing? Because I recently sent over photos this passed Friday” (this was in March btw) she says, “I am looking at the update pictures you sent us in January” (An update photo is what they ask for to see how your treatment is going) I said “What!? January? We’re in March! And I took new pictures” she says, “Oh wait yes, I see the recent ones” I said “Oh wow, you magically found my recent shots? How could that be??? She told me that she will get them expedited so that the dentist can evaluate right away and that she will email me to set up an appointment as soon as we finish the call. 4 days passed and I Never received an email from her to set up my appointment for my scan. I had to reach out to them myself to remind them and they said, “Oh yes we see that you need to schedule an appointment” Like really?! So why didn’t I get that so-called email I was supposed to get 4 days ago? I set up my appointment, got the scan, waited patiently. Fast forward now 5 weeks after the scan, which is now April 28th my appointment was in March 28th. I got excited because I thought “Ugh finally! My teeth will get fixed” Boy was I wrong. I opened up the envelope (because that is where they decided to put my new $2,000 aligners in) rinsed them out and when I put them up in front of my face I noticed that half of the left side of the top aligner is cut in half and not fully covering my top molar teeth! So WTH? And now this is where I REEEALLY drew the line… I opened up the second pack (week2) to see if they were all like that (which it wasn’t) so remember that “Sanitary” baggy I mentioned in the beginning of my rant? So yeah guess what was inside of it… sealed up, right beside the aligners? Yup, HAIR! Freaking hair. Someone’s nasty beard hair got into the bag all the aligners. I called, asked to speak to the supervisor, in which they didn’t transfer me over after the 2nd time I demanded again to get transferred to a supervisor and gave them an ear full because this was unacceptable now. I have n e v e r in my life have had such an AWFUL experience with a company and would I recommend my friends to get $100 bonus? No, no I will not. Now I have been with my same month 4 for the past month and now going on 2 and guess who still is paying for the crap job that they have done? Ya guessed it … me. I have followed everything to the T and this is Not cutting it for me. They keep saying they will have this resolved asap and nothing gets done until they decided to. I have never had to chat with a company more than 3xs in a week just for one simple thing. I wish I Never got involved in this.

  4. Today is actually day one for me I loved this video, my bottom teeth are what I need straightened they’re not too bad but I’m hoping this is a quicker process sincey teeth aren’t too bad. Just subscribed

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