Travel Insurance Direct Altitude : Top Ten Tips to prevent altitude sickness and plan a high altitude trek – Nepal

Travel Insurance Direct Altitude Video

Travel Insurance Direct Altitude

Top Ten Tips to prevent altitude sickness and plan a high altitude trek – Nepal

Top Ten Tips to prevent altitude sickness and plan a high altitude trek - Nepal

Learn how to recognise symptoms of mild altitude sickness, as well as the potentially deadly HAPE and HACE (fluid in the lungs/brain). Plenty of advice on how to prepare for the trek, plan a safe itinerary, and what to pack.
Follow our family, including our 11-year old son Lionel, on the Annapurna Circuit in winter. See how the altitude affected us as we climbed Thorong La (5,416 meters/ 17769 feet) – Kirk struggled with his breathing, Lionel felt nauseous, and I had mild hypothermia But we all made it safely in the end.

*Watch out: some people may feel unwell as low as 2,000 meter (6,500 feet).
*Plan a slower ascent above 3,000 meters (10,000 feet)
*Climb high, sleep low. To be safe, only gain 300 meters (1,000 feet) in sleeping elevation at high altitude.
*If you climb faster than the recommended rate, you can build a rest days every three or four days to acclimatise.
*If you suffer from mild altitude sickness, drink a lot, and rest
*Avoid alcohol, which slows down breathing and makes you dehydrated. Avoid sleeping pills. And smoking will certainly not help!
*If you see no improvement, spend an extra night at the same altitude
*If you feel worse, descend to the last place where you felt well
*If you develop HAPE or HACE, this is a life-threatening emergency that requires immediate descent of and specialist medical care. You may have to descend in the middle of the night, don’t wait till morning. Once fluid builds up in the brain or lungs, you can die in a matter of hours.

This video is based on first-hand experience of struggling with the altitude on the Annapurna Circuit. We also spent decades of travelling in the Himalayas and Alps. With three decades in TV journalism, I’ve also done extensive research on the impact of high altitude.

I am NOT a doctor, and I do not have direct experience of taking drugs for altitude sickness like Diamox / Acetazolamide or Nifedipine for HAPE or the use of Gamow bags for hyperbaric treatment. So I have not included any information on this topic. Only sticking to what I have first-hand experience of.

I hope this video helps you plan a safe and enjoyable trek.

Director/video/editor: Corinne Vigniel
Shot between Bulbhule and Jomsom including
Bahundanda Sanjye Chame Timang Pisang Gyaru Ngawal Manang Yak Kharka Thorong Phedi Thorong High Camp Thorong La Mukhtinath Pokhara
December 14-30, 2016
Shot on Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH3
Edited on Adobe Premiere CC

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Tip 1 training
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Tip 2 Planning
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3 Gradual Ascent
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Tip 4. Acclimatisation
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Tip 5 Broken sleep
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Tip 6 – Mild Altitude Sickness
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7 Danger HAPE HACE
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8 Food and drinks
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9. Equipment
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10 Accidents / insurance + final world.
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  1. I'm hopefully doing the EBC trek next May I suffer from mild migraines from time to time and was wondering if this would be a problem in regards to altitude? Any advice would be appreciated thank you.

  2. Some people say that after trekking many miles in the desert they also feel like they have a "splitting headache". Probably due to a lack of hydration.

  3. In addition to learning a lot from your video, I really enjoyed it. Your child is clearly a strong, independent person who you are inculcating with great values and will no doubt be a successful adult as the level of your child's grit clearly exceed many coddled young adults I've met.

  4. Fabulous video and inspiring to see such a young person coping so cheerfully. I am 64 female and about to do the Poonhill trek in October. I have suffered altitude sickness in my 20s trekking in the alps at just 2500-3000 metres so
    am a bit nervous but feel better educated this time. I am going with Trekking Planning through book yoga retreat online. Do you know of them?

  5. 'Our goal was to complete this trek as a family' I was expecting a follow-on of 'one of us didn't make it!' Excellent video, the clearest and most concise explanation I've found on Youtube. Heading toward the Himalayas in November and wanted to brush up on altitude issues. I've had it a couple times but never too extreme, thankfully.

  6. This is a beautiful video and most importantly, it's an amazing thing that you as family did this Trek together and shared the experience with the world!
    God bless the little one and your family!

    Keep trekking πŸ˜‡

  7. Hey nice vid. I did that walk from March to mid April 2017. A year on I am watching heaps of vids about it – there are so many more a year on and I have this yearning to go back. A reflection: I went over the top in complete snow. It snowed all afternoon and night at Thorong Phedi on my rest day before I did the short walk up to High camp. The next morning it was a winter wonderland! Slippery and a bit dodgy at times on the way down. I think we stayed in some of the same tea houses :-). I had several Gorkhas in the kitchens along the way.

  8. Hi Corinne, thank you for such a nice and helpful video. I plan to go hiking in Nepal next month, maybe you can advice the insurance provider and plan. Thank you!

  9. Really enjoyed your video and find it extremely helpful as Im going to trek anapurna in less than 5 weeks time. Also, your video is so refreshing compared to other youtube videos. Thank you

  10. great video. recently, the past few times i've been at altitude, i get problems with my vision. its like constant flickering light is obstructing my vision. do you know anything about this?

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