Travel Insurance Cruise : How To Pick Travel Insurance, And Other Burning Cruise Questions

Travel Insurance Cruise Video

Travel Insurance Cruise

How To Pick Travel Insurance, And Other Burning Cruise Questions

How To Pick Travel Insurance, And Other Burning Cruise Questions

Hey Cruisers!
The New Year is here! Happy 2019 and thank you for your support and friendship over the past 5 years. Today we’re throwing back to our old school Cruise Q&A style weekly vlog and answering some Subbie questions. We’ll be answering cruise questions like: How to pick a cruise, how to choose travel insurance for a cruise, what to expect getting on a cruise ship, what is room service like on a cruise, do children need passports on a cruise, cruise excursion ideas, what is tendering on a cruise, how cruise accounts work with shared cabins, international cruise tips, how to keep valuables safe on cruise excursions, how do future cruise deposits work, how much cash to take on a cruise, which is better Mr. Sanchos or Nachi Cacom, what’s the dress code for main dining room on a cruise, how to carry your passports and boarding pass safely. Be SURE you’re subscribed to our channel to catch the premiere of our day 1 cruise vlog this week!

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  1. Settling to watch in as I pack for my cruise and New Orleans stay. Thanks for the Q&A. Thanks for this!!! Happy New Year!!! Here’s to a 2019 filled with joy, wonder and laughter.

  2. If my passport expires 6 months after my cruise can I still use it? I’ve heard that when travel to another country they will not accept a passport that expires 6 months after, not sure what Carnival’s policy is.

  3. Great video! We're already booked on a short cruise in August but last week, my husband said, "I'm cold… let's go on a cruise. And, I'd love to treat my parents because they are getting older and this will probably be their last vacation like this." He didn't have to ask me twice! I spent half the week researching and pricing. We're now booked on RCI's Liberty of the Seas next month and I'm so excited! My in-laws are very excited too. I've never booked this close to sailing and it was stressful trying to find the best deals where we could get connecting cabins. Out of all our cruises, we've only purchased travel insurance once in 2017 when hurricane season was especially active. However, I'm going to research tomorrow and purchase since my in-laws have quite a few medical issues. Better safe than sorry, I guess! After rushing through the stressful decisions, I now have the shortest anticipation period I've ever had! LOL. Can't wait to try out Liberty of the Seas.

  4. Regarding the question on what to do in SanJuan. We have booked with Charlie's Custom Tours several times. The owner Carlos will take you anywhere and is very knowledgeable. The tour will hold up to 8 people, but it is private for your family whether 2 people or 8. You will see many places all in one day. Also if you like history he will tell you the history of everything. Our son is a history buff and loves all of Carlos' stories. He charges by the hour not per person, so if you have 4-5 people it's very reasonable.😊

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