Travel Insurance Bipolar Australia : 45 years tourist

Travel Insurance Bipolar Australia Video

Travel Insurance Bipolar Australia

45 years tourist

45 years tourist

45-year tourist with Bipolar disorder transferred to home in the UK

A 45-year-old woman with a history of Bipolar disorder visiting Varanasi in India was admitted to a local hospital with symptoms of low energy, a feeling of hopelessness, agoraphobia, and suicidal ideation without suicide attempts.

Back in England before the travel, she had elevated mood, labile affect, pressured speech, and a decreased need for sleep. She wanted to visit the holy land of Varanasi and took the impulsive decision to travel to India.

On receiving the request for transfer from her Insurance company, we mobilized a Kingair Air Ambulance flight to Varanasi. The Medical team comprising of a female doctor and nurse visited her at the hospital. Her History revealed that she was hospitalized in the past for mania with psychotic features, including paranoia and visual hallucinations. She had also displayed attention deficit–hyperactivity disorder.

Our Medical escorts established a connection with her and reassured her of a safe journey back home to the UK.

She was airlifted to New Delhi and team accompanied her back to London on Jetairways flight in Business class.

She needed supportive care, and all her parameters remained stable during the travel.

She underwent ECT and is well at home.

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