Travel Insurance American Express Platinum Card : Amex Platinum for Flights? Trip Delay Compared

Travel Insurance American Express Platinum Card Video

Travel Insurance American Express Platinum Card

Amex Platinum for Flights? Trip Delay Compared

Amex Platinum for Flights? Trip Delay Compared

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Should you use the Amex Platinum to book flights? Here’s an overview of trip delay protection and cards that offer it.
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  1. I hope i am not late or saw the wrong site, i am looking at amex website and it does say it provide flight delay coverage

  2. One thing that you’re forgetting about is picking airlines that are more reliable than others. If you’re going to fly on a budget airline the AMEX platinum is definitely not worth the extra benefits. If you’re booking a flight on EasyJet Orion there however I would absolutely use one of the other cards. You’re right unless it’s a very very cheap flight the AMEX platinum 5X is hard to beat. It’s my go to for booking flights

  3. I was snowed in at Haneda Airport once due to an unexpected heavy snow fall. All flights cancelled. Unable to get out of airport because no ground transportation available. Airline personnel also prohibited leaving the airport due to multiple unknown variables. Eventually, ANA airlines provided sleeping bags for all passengers (does not matter what class). The sleeping bags were warm and a lot better than just laying on the floor. Would any of the card benefits apply ? And which card would have offered the best benefit if any? (Remember: no leaving the airport. All restaurants are closed because it is after hours)

  4. Hey Sebby. I have used the Citi Platinum AA card for my delayed flight in and out of Philly. The company they use is Virginia Surety. These people will delay, postpone and delay even more to even be able to get your protection. It's been almost two months. As far as Chase Sapphire, they use Allianz which is identical.

  5. Sebby, big fan of the changes you’ve made recently and props to you for understanding some of us would prefer to listen and skim or listen as a podcast and work on something else. Keep up the good work!!!

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